Day Ninety-nine (Sa, 110409) — Short Today as Real Life Trumps Blogging

Sorry folks but this is going to be short because I have LOTS of family stuff to do today.

Saturday, would, up until now, have been a Free Day for me.

This week I switched to Free Meals: one Wednesday and one yesterday because I ran and worked out on both days.

No running or working out today ergo no Free Meal.  Simple.

Tomorrow is my fourth mud run (second this year, since I started 4HB) so I’ll get a Free Meal tomorrow.  Cool. =)

Cheers and work strong!

New John


The results from today’s weigh-in (including an extra week-back for comparison this time):

Date Weight BF% BF #
Week 12: 110326 212.5 27.1 57.5
Week 13: 110402 214.2 27.2 58.3
Week 14: 110409 212.6 27.1 57.3
Δ from last -1.6 -0.1 -1.0
Δ from start -15.9 -2.6 -10.6

110409 Results Graphs

Nice to see I lost all that I gained last week, even though what it really means is I’ve only now returned to where I was two weeks ago (note the horizontal red line).

Still, I think this week’s experiments (Cissus every meal, Free meals, protein powder breakfasts) warrant a second week of trial.

I ran 11.5 miles this week, worked out (Occam’s Protocol) twice, and had two Free Meals.  One of those Free Meals, the larger one, was Friday night.

If I move my workouts (and associated Free Meals) to Monday and Thursday instead of Tuesday and Friday, there will be more time between a Free Meal and my weigh in and I think the results will be even better.

All in all, I’ll call this a victory and see if I can do it again next week.

(If so, two more weeks of this will mean I can break that darn 210 lbs / 27% barrier.  Work strong, me! ;-))

To see all my weigh-ins, check out my Results to Date page.


Breakfast: double whey protein shake in water, AGG

Lunch: Sausage and sauerkraut

Dinner: Steak, salad, HVR Bacon Ranch, Baco’s bacon bits

Other food throughout the day: black coffee, salami, peanut butter spoon, almonds


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