The Magic of Life

A follow blogger, Denise over at Forever 21, has a moving post today.

When We Connect Part 2

Take a moment to read it.

Denise writes beautifully, as always. And she touches on such important issues.

It made me realize something I’d felt, but not put into words before.

“That’s what I love about a wide-eyed child, a nursing baby, a puppy, a kitten – their purity and innocence. Maybe why I ache for them is because it won’t last.”

Since Jack’s death, I’ve found myself touched by the sight of  kids more than ever. Each baby and child I see, I feel a melancholy and . . . it’s tough to characterize — maybe protectiveness is the word? . . .  that I didn’t feel before.

I can’t help but want to protect them and help them be happy. Even the kids of perfect strangers as they pass in the mall or at the park.

Life has a preciousness I hadn’t appreciated before.



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