Day One Hundred (Su, 110410) — The First Hundred Days (and a Mud Run)

My fellow Americans,

In these first hundred days of my (4HB) administration, I have fulfilled many of the promises I made to you during the campaign.  True, there have been missteps, as happens in any real life situation, but overall, I trust that you are happy with my rule dictatorship reign benevolent intentions toward all.

Some of the things that remain to be accomplished include:

  • finding the single-dose magic pill which will void the need for all future exercise and caloric restrictions, and . . .

Well, heck, I guess that’s about all we have left to do, right?*

In these first hundred days we have reached great heights together.  We have fought together in Valhalla; we have crested Mt. Olympus; we have soared through the roseate skies of Alpha Centauri 12; we have .  .  . er, sorry . . . wrong list. 

(Mutter mutter stupid TelePrompTer mutter mutter)

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, we have done many great things.

So far, we have explored the fringes of the 4 Hour Body program, testing its resiliency, plumbing its depths.  Experiments which we have performed include:

  • Free Meals v. Free Days
  • Taking Cissus with every meal for a week
  • Not taking Cissus at all
  • Eating a 4HB friendly breakfast
  • Eating a protein powder-only breakfast
  • Doing only the Perfect Posterior exercises
  • Switching to Occam’s Protocol
  • Experimenting with Occam’s Protocol
  • Participated in one two (as of this morning) mud runs

We also helped each other a lot, on such wonderful resources as the DailyBurn 4HB Group, 4HBTalk, and with my handy-dandy 4HB Cheat Day Cheat Sheet.

I believe in us.  I hope for us.  I know we can change.

Together we can build a better, stronger, healthier America us.

Good night and God Bless!

(President?) New John


I finished my fourth mud run this morning, 6.2 miles, 25-30 obstacles:

Time – ≈1:37:30; pace – ≈15.43; place – TBD (overall runners), TBD (men only)

I do know that I came finished in the top 20 or so finish in my heat (9 AM Sun). =D

Same race in Nov:

Time – 1:51:37; pace – 17:56; place – 511/1337 (overall runners), 346/681 (men only)

I like that I improved my pace by more than 2 min/mile and beat my time by about 14 minutes. Even better, I walked less than a 1/4 mile in the whole race.

Here’s an approximate map of my run.

Pictures to follow.


Tomorrow’s post will be tips for competing in mud runs. =)


Breakfast: double whey protein shake in water before my mud run, kombucha, AGG

Lunch: sausage onna stick (at the race), 2 slices of salami, 3 french fries at McDonald’s, two Diet A&M root beers, Cissus, AGG

Dinner:Big Free Meal at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  Create Your Own Pasta with spaghetti, arrabbiata (spicy tomato) sauce mixed with their garlic cream sauce, and a double helping of meatballs (6) of which my 22-month-old ate three of them!

When we got home, I had some Safeway Select French Salted Caramel Ice Cream, some Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream, a banana, and some Cheerios.

Try this folks, it rocks: take a banana, push the end into some Cheerios until a few stick, take the bite of banana & Cheerios and follow with a bit of chocolate ice cream.

My wife called it the Toddler Split because it has all the stuff a kid likes (if the ice cream = chocolate milk).  =)

Other food throughout the day:


* Oh yeah, and hit my goal weight of 180 pounds with a BF% sub-18%.  Other than THAT . . . . 😉
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5 responses to “Day One Hundred (Su, 110410) — The First Hundred Days (and a Mud Run)

  1. Nice post – very clever. Excellent progress – 180 with sub-18%. Super proud of your representation, Mr. President…

  2. Oops, misread your post script. Gave you a little too much credit… 🙂 Ain’t it always that way with politicians. That was still on your to do list…

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