Day 102 (T, 110412) — You Might Be a Dieter If….

You might be an experienced dieter if….

  • You know that standing on your scale in different ways makes it read lighter or heavier
  • You have to fight with yourself to stand as normally as possible on that scale so you don’t fib on your stats
  • You know what a caliper is and what it does for a dieter
  • You’ve ever seriously tried to convince yourself that broken cookies have no calories
  • You know the term BMI and use it religiously
  • You know the term BMI and think it is crazy talk
  • You’ve ever Googled “Alternatives to BMI” in an attempt to find one which says you’re “skinny”
  • You’ve tracked your food intake with more than a dozen different tools through the years
  • You know the difference between “low carb” and “slow carb”, “Points” and “Core”,
  • You can list all the different types of protein powders and what each is best for
  • You’ve ever spent $50 (or more!) on a big ol’ can of protein powder only to discover it tastes like as . . . er, bad stuff
  • You can guesstimate the macronutrient proportions in a food without looking at the label
  • You have ever added or subtracted teeny tiny bits from the numbers you reported to the monitor / your blog / your spreadsheet / yourself to make yourself seem more successful in the eyes of others (or yourself)
  • You’ve since figured out that telling the truth is a surer path to success than fudging (mmmm . . . fudge!) the numbers
  • You get funny looks at the restaurant as you whip out your phone and take pictures of everything that goes in your mouth
  • You’ve dreaded the daily fluctuations in your weight
  • You’ve embraced the roller coaster and learned that no one is the same weight all day, much less from one day to another
  • You’ve seriously pondered the benefits of daily weigh ins v. weekly ones
  • You’ve seriously pondered the differences between Free Days and Free Meals
  • You’ve seriously pondered the merits of about 18 bazillion supplements
  • You’ve discovered that the vast majority of supplements do nothing but make your pee smell funny and turn chartreuse . . . and empty your wallet
  • You’ve seriously considered just not eating for a month in an attempt to break a stall
  • You’ve ever been proud of yourself (and rightly so) for losing a pound in a week
  • You’ve ever constructed elaborate spreadsheets to calculate what is happening on your diet and why
  • You read blogs like this one for fun
  • You know how to calculate “net carbs” (Elcommandante)
    • And you can calculate net carbs with or without counting glycerin, polydextrose, maltitol, erythritol, etc. etc. etc.
  • You know how to estimate old school WW Points in your head
    • (Calories – (10 x fiber, up to 4) + (5 x fat)) /50
    • 200 cal with 4 fiber and 3 fat = 200-40+15 = 175
    • 175 / 50 = 3.5 (classic) Points
  • You have a closet full of exercise equipment (some of which looks like strange torture devices) that you can’t remember how to use. (Amity28)
  • You can taste the sugar in V8 juice. (Amity28)
    • Funny you should mention that, Amity…I can’t hardly stand commercial pizza or pasta sauce anymore because all I taste is the (seemingly) 800g of sugar in each bite.
  • You have a collection of workout DVDs that rivals your movie collection. (Amity28)
  • You have several sizes of pants in your closet so you can just go “shopping” in there when you lose 10 lbs. (Amity28)

Got more?  Tell me in the comments and I’ll add them to the list (with credit, of course).


It was nice to see that several of my 4HB blogging buddies did well on their weigh ins this week.

As I mentioned Saturday, I lost 1.6 pounds and 0.1% BF.  Not big numbers but hey, it’s a positive move after a bad week prior and it pretty much matches my lowest weight since November 10 of last year.

Though I am still 20 17.3 pounds away from my lowest weight in decades (195.3 on June 2, 2010), and 30 27.6 pounds away from my goal weight (185), I’ll take it! =)


I did not run to my workout this morning.   Last night was full of crying kids and a pregnant wife so I ended up sleeping through my first alarm this morning.

By the time my backup alarm got my up, I still had time to go workout, but not enough time to jog there and back and still make it to work on time.  So I drove.

No run + workout this morning = no Free Meal for me this evening.

Oh well . . . all the more motivation to make sure I get my butt up on Thursday, right? =)


This morning was my tenth Workout A (lats/biceps and shoulders).

(1) Close-grip pull-down × 155 pounds

I hit 9 good reps (5/5 count).  Next time: 160

(2) Machine shoulder press × 95 pounds

Failure came at 6.5 reps this time.  Next time: 100

Workout A 110412

I seem to have hit a plateau on my shoulder press.  I need to think about this and figure out how to get moving higher again.  Anybody have any suggestions?

Next workout will be Workout B (chest & legs) on Thursday.


Breakfast: protein shake, kombucha, AGG

Lunch: half a Freebirds burrito (double steak, etc.), Cissus, AGG

Dinner: 17 Buffalo Wild Wings hot wings, refried beans and salsa, all natural peanut butter, sugar-free jello, a double protein shake, three slices of salami, a few cashews and almonds

Other food throughout the day: black coffee


4 responses to “Day 102 (T, 110412) — You Might Be a Dieter If….

    • I like it.

      And you can calculate net carbs with or without counting glycerin, polydextrose, maltitol, erythritol, etc. etc. etc.

      Actually, you just reminded me of another one…look for it above, just under the net carbs one you suggested. 😉

  1. Fantastic, John. Destined to be printed out and taped to refrigerators all over the country, just under the one my Mom had printed out years ago that included the one about broken cookies have no calories… Great post today. Still chuckling. If I don’t know about a bunch of them, does that just make me a bad dieter? I’d agree with that…

    • Yeah, I heard the “broken cookie” one from years ago. There were several others along the same lines that I could not remember.

      All the other ones came from my experience or that of friends. As for not knowing some of them, that’s probably a good thing since many of them are cheats. 😉

      Got any suggestions to add to the list?

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