Slow Carb / Low Carb Snacking: Salami Dogs, Poor Man’s Hot and Sour Soup, a Jello Idea

I love sugar-free Jell-O.  Few things beat the flavor per calorie of sf Jello.  If you are allowing a bit of dairy in your food, adding even a tiny amount of heavy cream or Reddi Whip is an incredible flavor boost for very little carbs and sugar.

Moving on, two of the easiest slow carb/low carb snacks you can make are Salami Dogs and Poor Man’s Hot and Sour Soup.

Salami. For just plain old snacking, I keep a container of hard salami in the fridge and grab a slice when I am peckish.  Grab two and it curbs most hunger pangs.

Salami Dogs: Another use for slices of salami: as “buns” for hot dogs.

  1. Nuke the hot dog
  2. Pick it up using a slice or two of salami
  3. Add mustard

Voila!  Your hunger is gone and your SCD/low carb diet is saved! 😉

Poor Man’s Hot and Sour Soup.  I combine my slow carb diet with intermittent fasting (IF).

On fasting days, I almost always have some broth as my almost-zero-calorie snack.

  1. Fill two 16-ounce cups with water
  2. Split one cube of bouillon between them
  3. Add a dash of soy sauce
  4. Add two dashes of Louisiana hot sauce

(For a more Asian twist on this recipe, use Sriracha instead of Louisiana hot sauce.)

Now I have a delicious “Poor Man’s Hot and Sour Soup” which really helps tide me over until I get home and have dinner.  It also helps prevent me from short-circuiting my diet by indulging in carbs or breaking my fast.  Finally, it helps make sure I am drinking lots of fluids.

All in all, it’s an almost perfect IF/SCD snack!


2 responses to “Slow Carb / Low Carb Snacking: Salami Dogs, Poor Man’s Hot and Sour Soup, a Jello Idea

  1. Good ideas, but salami, hot dogs and bouillon are some of the highest-sodium foods on planet earth. By cutting down on sodium while slow-carbing you’ll notice some very fast improvements in your physical appearance, and probably a reduction in weight from the extra water you’ve been retaining. Not to mention you’ll feel like a champion!

    • Thanks for the comments, Albert. These “recipes” are used sparingly, not every day. Since “the dose makes the poison,” I figure that once in a while isn’t a bad thing.

      Also, salt may not be so bad for us as is commonly thought. Not that this means we should go eat spoonfuls of the stuff, but an occasional indulgence probably won’t hurt too much.

      Work smart and work strong,

      New John

      We will either find a way . . . or make one. – Hannibal

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