Simple, Delicious Steak

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Steak with Squash and Green Beans

I wish I could cook up my steaks at work but no, I’m not that lucky.

If I decide I want this week to be a steak week, I go to Walmart or Sam’s and buy a flat of 6 top sirloin steaks, cook them up on the grill on Sunday night and then eat one each day during the week plus one at night some day.

To make a great steak, IMO, try the following:

  1. Let the steaks come to room temperature before cooking
  2. Spray a little bit of Pam on them (this helps the spices stick and helps keep them from sticking to the grill)
  3. Add some cracked black pepper
  4. Add more garlic salt then you think you need ;-)
  5. Flip and repeat steps 2-4
  6. Cook until they’re on the rare side of medium-rare
  7. (optional) Add more garlic salt and pepper while they cook

You’ll want to undercook them on purpose. That way, when you microwave them at work, they will still be edible.

Also, when you microwave them, set the time to 2 minutes and the power to 40-50%. Flip and repeat.  This will also help prevent your steaks from coming out tougher than shoe leather.

As a simple dressing you can make at work, go to the cafeteria and grab a few packets of mayonnaise and some Louisiana-style hot sauce. Mix them together and you have a quick and really simple sauce which tastes great and is low carb / slow carb friendly! =)

If you forgot to bring some from home, head back down to that cafeteria and grab a side order of veggies and/or beans and you are good to go with a meal that will make your cow-orkers jealous!

Enjoy! =)


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