Primal Salad

Salad.  I’ve taken to making my one big meal of the day a really big salad + a big hunk of meat (3/4 pound of steak or a chicken breast or two).

I start with about 3 cups of romaine lettuce in a big serving bowl.  Then I add:

  • tomatoes (diced or cherry)
  • orange or yellow bell pepper (diced)
  • cucumbers (diced)
  • pepperoncinis (sliced)
  • pine nuts
  • salami (diced)
  • ham (diced)
  • bacon bits
  • steak or chicken (sliced or diced)
  • dressing

They’re huge and delicious. =)

Primal Salad (mise en place)

Ready to Make the Salad

This picture is missing the cucumber and bacon bits I forgot to make ready.

Primal Salad

Primal Salad all put together (except for the bacon bits)

[I don’t usually arrange things so nicely but I figured this was for posterity so I might as well make an effort. 😉

Also, I usually dice the cucumbers just because I like them better that way.  But if I did that, they would not have looked so nice for the picture.]

To make this particular salad fully Primal, however, I need to make sure that the ham, salami, and bacon bits are not SAD affairs.

Right now, they are yer basic Hormel or Great Value brand meats with all the associated chemicals.  Not natural.  Not unpronounceable-ingredient-free.  I’ll eventually get better versions, but I’m working my way through the remainder of my current supplies first.

In one way, I’ve already begun de-SAD-ing it: I used to use store-bought dressing (generally Ken’s Steakhouse Creamy Caesar or Lite northern Italian).

Luckily, I made a double portion of Primal Creamy Ranch dressing the other night (you can see it behind the bowl) which I can now use instead.

I altered the recipe only a little: I didn’t have any chives or dried dill so they got left out.  I didn’t have the tamari, either, so I swapped in some soy sauce (gasp!).

It tasted pretty good the first evening, before it had a chance to sit, but it was better the next day (when I used it to make this salad).  This evening, I added some extra salt and pepper, as well as a bit more vinegar.  It’s still not perfect but it’s getting there.  As I adapt it, I’ll post updates to this page with what I’ve done and if it turned out well.

Tip to Make a Really Big Salad Better.  Add half of your greens to the bowl then add half your salad dressing.  Finish adding ingredients and top it off with the remainder of your dressing.

This way you rarely end up with a forkful of lettuce with no dressing at all.

Tip to Make a Really Big Salad Easier to Make: mise en place.  If you have room in your refrigerator, pick one night each week and prep all your ingredients.  Cut up all your ham, salami, peppers, tomatoes, etc. and put them in the fridge in small containers.

That’s how Mark makes his 2-Minute Salad a 2-minute salad and what I did above.

This Evening’s Bunch O’ Meat.  Just to round off the meal, I had some home-seasoned fajita meat.  Maybe I’ll post that recipe someday . . . .

Home-seasoned fajita meat

Home-seasoned fajita meat - Yummy!

Note to help you gauge the amount of food: that’s also a large serving bowl. 😉


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