Perfect Bacon (Without the Mess)

How to Make Perfect Bacon Every Time Without the Mess

Bacon - A Love Story

Bacon - A Love Story

You need:

  • parchment paper
  • a cookie sheet
  • bacon


  • Cover your cookie sheet with parchment paper
  • Cut bacon in half
  • Lay out as much bacon as you can on the cookie sheet
  • Place cookie sheet in COLD oven
  • Turn on oven to 400°
  • Set timer for 17 minutes
  • Check bacon at end of timer and add a few more minutes if necessary



5 responses to “Perfect Bacon (Without the Mess)

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  2. Woot! Love bacon–hate the clean up! Further hack: flat sheets of parchment already cut up cookie sheet size (damn those curled edges!).

    Congrats on your success thus far! I LOVE THIS DIET. I’m so over sugar & bread. Felt hungry all the time. Now I am no longer a slave to food. I have massive FHB breakfasts and delicious FHB compliant gourmet meals for dinner (fav: the italian meatballs in the FHB Cookbook–also something called Flatlander Chili – modified from Also–Old Settler’s Beans from – modified with sugar free bbq sauce and stevia. You can have really really delicious and satisfying meals on this diet (way of eating!) with a little tweaking. I love Yerba Mate (cold and hot) and because of this have been able to give up Mountain Dew completely (been an addict for 30+ years). Will start to investigate local grass fed sources of meat next. Already eating “pastured eggs” and “pasture butter”. This has to be completely wonderful for us as well as for the environment. I’m a total fanboy (girl). Once I’ve lose all the weight (and seriously, I really don’t care how long it takes), I plan to reintroduce fruits and oatmeal (slowly). This is the way I want to eat for the rest of my life.
    Thanks for the updates. Keep em coming. Caren L

      • Yes–the sugar comes out, of course, but also I’ve read the all the reviews and made some of the mods as suggested by others: i.e., using crused tomatoes and tomato sauce instead of “juice” & adding extra spices & chili peppers, cause we like a little kick. Also, I put a small slice of jalapeno cheddar & a very small dollop of sour cream on top of the bowl of steaming chili – once it melts in–OMG. So I’m not being 100% FHB, but IMHO the amounts are so miniscule and the flavor payoff so huge- its worth it. However, to be fair, if one’s weight loss is stalling, then maybe not such a good idea. This has not happened to me thus far, and also, the dude on the Chipolte regimen didn’t seem to stall out even with the cheese & guac (not technically on the plan). So I’ve given myself permission to have miniscule amounts of these random ingredients (but certainly not every day). Again, I think you have to use your own best judgment. If the primary goal (weight loss) is hindered then best to wait until the goal is reached then add in slowly and see how you do?
        I can send you the Flatlander Chili recipe with my mods as an attachment to an email but don’t think I can cut/paste from my recipe software in a blog post–it wouldn’t format correctly. Feel free to email directly and then I can reply with the attachment. Caren

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