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UPDATE October 2012. My Weekly Schedule. A slight variation on what I wrote a month ago . . .

Assuming all goes as planned, here is what my weekly diet, fasting, and activity schedule looks like:

Green = Free | Red = Fast | Blue = Low Carb | Gray = Exercise
The exercise listed on Friday could occur anytime during the week.

  • Sunday: Free Day, no (planned) exercise. I usually eat between 3000-4000 calories.
  • Monday: All-day fast (with 0-200 calories spread throughout the day).
  • Tuesday-Friday: Fasting lasts until about 5 PM when I get home. Then I eat a low-carb meal and snacks which total between 1000-1500 calories (avg. 1300).
  • Saturday: Free Day + exercise . . . I play Ultimate in the morning from 8:30 to 11:30, weigh-in when I get home, and start eating about noon.  I usually eat 3000-4000 calories on Free Days but I don’t track individual items so it’s pretty much guesswork.
  • Notes:  Total fasting time from Sunday night (9 PM) to my Tuesday evening meal (5 PM) is usually ~45 hours. I do one Convict Conditioning workout each week.  It’s shown on Friday in the graph because that’s usually when I get to it but it could happen any time.


What lies below this is the previous text of this page.  I left it here as a record of what has gone before.

UPDATE September 2012. My Weekly Schedule. Assuming all goes as planned, here is what my weekly diet, fasting, and activity schedule looks like:

Green = Free | Red = Fast | Blue = Low Carb | Gray = Exercise
(Now all I need is one of those L-shaped pieces to complete a row!)

I rarely eat at night so I left off the hours from 10 PM to 7 AM. They’d be red, too.


  • I take two Free Days each week On Saturday and Sunday.
  • I fast all day on Monday.
  • I have a 4-hour (+/-) feeding window every Tuesday-Friday during which I eat low-carb. I try to stay between 1300-1800 calories. Considering that I’m not eating carbs and it’s only one meal plus a snack, that’s not too hard.
  • I exercise three times per week after I get home from work. This generally falls within the same time as my feeding window, though not always.
  • I play Ultimate on Saturday mornings and begin my Free Day when I get home and cleaned up, usually about 11:30 AM or noon.
  • It’s not on the graph, but I track all my food via’s Android app.

This schedule is usually not a problem for me. The only times when I really feel tempted to alter it on-the-fly are sometimes on Mondays, during my long, post-Free-Weekend fast. Other times, I feel fine and believe that this schedule can work for me for quite a while now.

I do, on occasion, go out with friends or coworkers to lunch. This happens about once a month.


UPDATE May 2012. My current program consists of:

  1. a basic low-carb plan (excluding beans, cheese, and nuts most of the time)
  2. eating Primal when I can (e.g. organic, non-processed, etc.)
  3. tracking my intake on
  4. adding Intermittent Fasting (18 hours a day on weekdays)
  5. a bit of cheating sometimes on the weekends
  6. very little exercise (running every once in a while and weekend games of Ultimate)

I don’t take any supplements.  In my experience, they don’t work.

I am considering whether or not to shift back to exercise mode and away from weight loss mode.  We shall see.


I am following the Four Hour Body program which includes eating a “slow carb” diet based on protein, low carbs, using supplements, and performing few but high intensity exercises a few times per week.


  • Garlic extract(4x/day)
  • Green tea extract(4x/day)
  • Alpha lipioc acid (4x/day)
  • Policosanol (1x/day)
  • Cinnamon (or cinnamon extract)
  • Update 110509: for the past three months or so I have been taking Cissus Quadrangularis (CQ) before Free Meals.  For the past month of so, I have been taking it three times a day every day.  I do take  one week off now and then as Tim suggests.

Exercises: Unless otherwise noted on a particular day, my exercises will be limited to the three main ones Ferris suggests for losing weight (plus an occasional run). Eventually, I will try and double the numbers below as my normal workout.

A quick note about kettlebell swings: I had been trying to do fewer sets by doing more swings per set up to 75.  Best I did was two sets of 45 and 30.  the problem was that by the time I was hitting the last 10 or so swings in each set, my form sucked.  I think I was risking my back and nullifying the benefits I was supposed to be receiving from the reps to begin with.

Sooooo . . . I decided to go back to 3, 25-rep sets and focus on getting my form s correct as I possibly could.  I felt better and think I got more out of it.

Update 10509: In February, I switched to using Occam’s Protocol.

This means I do two workouts per week:

Workout A (lats/biceps and shoulders, usually on Tuesdays):

  1. Close-grip pull-down (V-Bar grip)
  2. Machine shoulder press

Workout B (legs and chest, usually on Thursdays):

  1. Leg press
  2. Chest press

I have also switched from taking Free Days to taking Free Meals on days when I run and work out.


Before pictures (in order):

  1. Letting it all hang out
  2. Hanging out, side shot
  3. Sucking it in
  4. Sucking in, side shot

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