Grief as a Spinning, Up-and-Down, Roller Coaster Journey

Here’s a pretty good representation of the stages of grief, though the shape seems off to me somehow.

Stages of Grief

On my journey, it hasn’t been a steady slope, up or down. It’s been one step forward, another step forward, three steps back, two steps forward, etc.  And a stage, once past, isn’t gone.

For me, at least, it’s still there; it’s like a brick I’ve laid down and since stepped up to the next. They’re cumulative, and, while I can’t see the bricks underneath where I am now, they’re still there and still liable to rise to the surface on a bad day.

I go digging for them when the need hits to regress to a previous step which is emotionally necessary right now.

See also: Grieving Can Be Complex

Dancin' Jack

Dancin’ Jack


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