Day 052-3 (R, 130221) — Fridays? Fasting? Fixing It!

Why Friday Matters.  I weigh in on Saturday mornings. Thus, what I do on Friday nights can make a big difference in how things turn out.  Since 2013 began, my average intake on Fridays has been much higher than during my halcyon days of last Fall:

Calories: Fat: Net Carbs: Protein:
Aug – Nov 2012 1606.5 90.9 93.9 95.3
Jan – Mar 2013 1884.4 92.9 154.4 94.4
Difference +277.9 +1.9 +60.6 -0.9

This can be attributed to many things, including events, visitors coming into town, laziness, dates with Mrs. NJ, etc.  Regardless of why, however, the fact remains that adding 17% more calories and, more importantly, 65% more net carbs, on Friday nights is really taking its toll.

I have, in effect, gone from having two Free Days each week to three.  This is not good.

Fasting More.  Another change I’ve noticed when comparing these two periods is that I was using extended fasting at least once most weeks last Fall but not this Spring.

Dates # of Weeks Days <500 cal.
8/15 – 11/28, 2012 15 wks 13
1/1 – 2/20, 2013   7 wks 0

The Fix.  Simple enough:

  • Stop eating more and worse on Friday nights, and
  • Add back 1-2 days of extended fasting (Eat Stop Eat style) each week

I’ve already started: my intake from Monday night through yesterday — 45 hours total — was a mere 303 calories.  I felt a bit hungry Wednesday afternoon but nothing that was too intense. In fact, it felt kinds nice to remind myself that I can exercise this sort of control if I choose to.

Depending on how things work out, I’ll do another extended fast this week, skipping either today or Friday.  I haven’t decided yet but I will do one or the other.


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