Day 043-3 (T, 130212) — Evaluation and Recommittment

Up and Up.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve spent the last three months or so hanging out between 195-205 pounds.  Since this is not where I want to be, I’ve gone back and reexamined what I was doing back late last Summer and into the Fall, when I spent about four months in the Promised Land of 185-192 pounds.

I predicted that I’d see that I (a) wasn’t working out during that period and that (b) was eating a much stricter low-carb diet.  I was right about the carbs but wrong about the working out.

Results of My Examination.  What I discovered was this:

  1. I’m eating more dairy now.  Several times per week, I’ve been having an evening cup of coffee (decaf) with cream in it.  I like a lot of cream and it comes out to about 3-4 Tbsp per cup.  That’s a ¼ cup of heavy cream most evenings.

Adjustment?  No more coffee with cream except on Free Days. Those are carbs and calories I don’t need.  I may decide to deviate from this decision once or twice per month from here on, but it will be the exception rather than the rule.

  1. I’m eating more carbs now.  Even though my total caloric intake is similar when comparing last Fall to this Winter, I’ve deliberately allowed myself to start having a few more carbs during my normal evenings’ meals.

Adjustment?  Back to a stricter low-carb approach on weekdays.

  1. I’m Fasting a Bit Differently.  Back then, my fasting was similar to what I do now: eat one meal per day each weekday evening, fasting about 20 hours, more or less, until the next night’s meal.  The difference was that I would add in an extended fast, skipping a day entirely (eating less than a few hundred calories total) so that I’d have one (maybe two) fasts which lasted about 40 hours.

Adjustment?  I’m going to reintroduce the extended fast on Mondays.  This should help correct my excesses from the weekend.  I’m not going to try and make it two extended fasts each week unless there’s a specific reason to do so in a given week (e.g. an unusual mid-week indulgence).

  1. I’m exercising more now.  At the beginning of my sub-190 run, I was running just a little (<10 miles) each week, but not working out at all.  In September, I began Convict Conditioning and have been doing it since then, with the exception of a few weeks in November and December.

Adjustment?  I’m making progress on my strength and conditioning and don’t want to lose it again like I did when I stopped working out back in April last year.  I may change my program (to Starting Strength if I can find an affordable squat rack and weight set) but I’m not going to change whether or not I work out.

Hopefully, this will be enough to get me back on track.  If not, I’ll revisit this topic in a month or so.



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