Day 039-3 (F, 130208) — Cardio?; Workout Results

epicurus quote F5A

Cardio?  Sometimes I’ll have someone ask me what I do for “cardio.”  My answer?  Nothing.*  Here’s a great explanation why:

When is Cardio a Valid Tool for Fat Loss with IF? |

I don’t have a problem with cardio, just wasted time. For those that enjoy cardio then this is time well spent; everyone has their own preferences, live and let live. . . . [But most people are] doing cardio because they wish to lose fat.

Cardio, as a tool for fat loss cardio is over-rated, over-used, and overall a very poor time investment for the I.F. user. Most people that ask me questions about cardio understand this, however there is confusion as to at what point cardio becomes necessary to get leaner.

Go read it all.  Good stuff.

Exercise Summary. Results?  Hell, I only worked out on Wednesday; can’t say there’ll be many “results” this week.  Plans for three workouts went right out the window.

I’m going to try to get in another workout this afternoon. My in-laws are in town tonight and we’re going out to eat this evening shortly after I get home from work.  It’ll be tough to work in a workout, but I’m going to try.

2013-02-08_08h35_49 copy

I’ve decided Wall Handstands can go jump inna lake.  Screw ’em.  I ain’t gonna do ’em anymore.  Hates ’em, I do.  Moving on now . . . . Half Handstand Push-ups are next on the agenda.

Ditto Angled Bridges.  Done with those.  On to Head Bridges.

Plans for Next Week.  Next week, my three older kids will be out of town, staying with their grandparents for a week. Hopefully, that means I’ll actually be able to get in a three-workout week, as I had planned to start this week. We shall see.

  • Thursday night I might be going out to dinner with Mrs. NJ for Valentine’s Day.  It depends on whether or not our sitter can work on a school night.  It’ll be a game-time decision.
  • I’m going to try, again, for three workouts (MWF).
  • Uneven squats are still hard so I am going to focus on form rather than reps.
  • I will hit the Progression Standard for Horizontal Pulls next week.  Period.
* Technically my weekly games of Ultimate Frisbee would count as a type of “cardio” . . . but that’s not why I do them.

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