Day 036-3 (T, 130205) — Results for Week 05-3

Sick.  Sunday night I was sick with the most considerate virus ever.

  1. It warned me before I had to throw up by waking me and making me burp.
  2. It let me get in one full sleep cycle between bouts.

Pro Tip: Never eat Fritos and bean dip if you’re going to vomit later.

Pro Tip 2: If you’re going to vomit, make sure you take some acid reducer a few hours beforehand; it makes things much easier to handle later on.

I wasn’t up to posting yesterday but I’m feeling better today.  Without further ado, here’s this week’s update . . .

Results. Down a little this week.  Back under 200 but not feeling like I’m accomplishing anything.  I’m changing things in this section a bit: I’ve removed the daily rows and will just be posting the averages rows, since that’s what really counts anyway.

Date Weight BF% BF # Lean #
Δ from start -30.0 -5.3 -19.5 -10.5
Δ from Last -3.4 -0.9 -2.6 -0.8
Week 05-3: 130202 198.5 24.4 48.4 150.1
Week 04-3: 130126 201.9 25.3 51.0 150.9
Week 0: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9 160.6

Food Tracking.  Down a lot this week, even though I, uncharacteristically, ate more than 1000 calories every day.

NUTRIENTS: Calories: Fat: Net Carbs: Protein:
7-day Avg. 2029.1 104.3 196.4 85.6
Avg. Last Week 2505.0 130.9 249.9 95.7
Difference -475.9 -26.6 -53.4 -10.1
Weekday Avg. 1238.0 66.0 95.0 65.8
Last Wkday Avg. 1904.2 103.2 169.8 80.0
Difference -666.2 -37.2 -74.8 -14.2

Plans for This Week.  I was going to workout three times this week, MWF, but feeling bad yesterday mixed that plan.  Instead, I’ll start that NEXT week and go with a two-workout schedule this week on TR.

Friday is Parent’s Night Out so we’ll drop off the kids and go out with Mrs. NJ’s parents who will in town for my eldest’s birthday on Saturday.

New Project.  As I mentioned up above, I don’t feel like I’m really making progress.  To fix this, I’m going to go back and review what I was doing last Fall when I got down to the 180s and stayed there for a couple of months.  Once I get it all sorted out how I managed to do that, I’ll kick in with the new plan and work my way back to The Promised Land.


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