Day 007-3 (M, 130107) — Results for Week 01-3 and a Re-Welcome

Welcome Back! A hearty welcome back to blogging and getting on track to our long-time 4HB friend SUE from New Sue 4 You.  She coming at you in spades and you better watch out!  Glad to have you back, Sue.  Why don’t y’all head over there and show her some love?

Boring Bits.  I know numbers posts are terribly, horribly boring and that no one actually reads them.  I apologize for that.

I need to put these out there each week for my records and to keep me honest.  I promise I’ll try to put up some original content soon.  Until then, maybe my humor and motivational posts will suffice.

Back on Track.  Let’s hope it holds up next week!

Date Weight BF% BF # Lean #
Δ from start -30.2 -5.2 -19.4 -10.8
Δ from Last -4.1 -0.6 -2.2 -1.9
Week 01-3: 130105 198.3 24.5 48.5 149.8
Week 52-2: 121229 202.4 25.1 50.7 151.7
Week 0: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9 160.6

Food Tracking.  This past week I didn’t start eating right again, or tracking, until Wednesday, so Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are blank.  Since I haven’t been tracking since mid-December, the Last Week and Difference lines will have to wait for next week.

NUTRIENTS: Calories: Fat: Net Carbs: Protein:
2-Jan 938.0 52.0 10.0 104.0
3-Jan 916.0 47.0 12.0 96.0
4-Jan 954.0 57.0 20.0 88.0
5-Jan 4007.0 200.0 450.0 135.0
7-day Avg. 1703.8 89.0 123.0 105.8
Avg. Last Wk
Weekday Avg. 936.0 52.0 14.0 96.0
Last Wkday Avg.

Plans for This Week.  This week will be a standard week: fast each day, eat dinner, etc.  I am supposed to go out with Mrs. NJ on Friday but I will plan it so I can still eat well.

I’m going to do everything I can to make sure next weekend is still on the right track.


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