Day 328-2 (F, 121123) — Weekly Workout Summary

Notes.  I worked out on Wednesday before flying out to meet my family for Thanksgiving.

  • Even though the Flat Knee Raises last week were still tough for me, I decided to move on to Flat Bent Leg Raises this week.  The plan suggests doing 1 set of 10 for the Beginner Standard and 2 sets of 15 for the Intermediate Standard.  I started on the latter.
  • Last week, I also hit the Progression Standard for Half Squats and moved on to Full Squats this week.
  • This week I completed the Progression Standard for Straight Bridges and Knee Push-ups this week and will move on to Angled Bridges and Half Push-ups next week, respectively.
  • See below for a videos and descriptions of all the new exercises.

Weekly Chart.  Red in the Step column means this is a new exercise. In the Reps column, it means I did the Progression Standard for that exercise this week and will move on to the next step next week.

Order and Notes. I’m dropping this section.  I’m still tracking it on my spreadsheet, but I won’t be posting it anymore unless someone asks for it (a highly unlikely event).

New Exercises  This Week.  I’m starting with the Intermediate Standard for both of these.  While I think I could probably pull off the Progression Standard for squats, I’m committed to taking it slowly and using perfect form.

Flat Bent Leg Raises. Similar to the Flat Knee Raises but you keep your legs a bit straighter than before.

Lie on your back with your legs together and stretched out on the floor. Your hands should be by your sides, and also in contact with the floor. Raise your legs, bending them at the knee approximately forty-five degrees from the straight alignment. Your feet should be kept an inch or two off the floor. This is the start position. The positive portion of the exercise involves raising the legs and feet smoothly–over a count of two seconds-until the feet are directly above the pelvis. As you move, the angle of the knee should not change; it must remain “locked” in the same position. Pressing down on the floor with the hands will help you stabilize your torso throughout the movement. Pause at the top, before reversing the motion. Pause again in the start position before repeating as necessary. Exhale as the feet move up, inhale as they are moving down. Keep the stomach tight at all times. The feet should not touch the floor at all during the set.

Full Squats.  These are what you think they are: butt-to-the-ground squats.

Stand tall, with the feet shoulder width apart or a little wider, depending upon your preference. Turn the toes slightly out, and place the arms in a comfortable position. This is the start of the movement. Bend at the hips and knees, keeping the back straight. When your thighs reach approximately parallel to the floor, shift your weight backwards as if you were about to sit down. Continue descending at a controlled speed until the backs of your thighs are resting against your calves. This is the finish position. Pause for a moment before pressing yourself back up with leg strength alone. Your upward motion should be the reverse of your downward motion. Don’t raise the heels, or allow the knees to track inwards.

Work smart and work strong,

New John

We will either find a way . . . or make one. – Hannibal


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