Day 320-2 (F, 121116) — Weekly Workout Summary

Workout Notes.  This week I again repeated the Progression Standard for Flat Knee Raises.  It was still rough.  Same old same old will apply in the days to come.  I also hit the Progression Standard for Squats and will move on to Step 5, Full Squats, next week.

Order and Comments.

# Exercise Reps Remarks
1 Kneeling Push-ups 20 Good to go.
2 Crow Stands 45 20-10-15
3 Flat Knee Raises 35 Final 5 were really tough (25-10)
4 Straight Bridges 30 GTG
5 Half Squats 50 GTG
6 Horizontal Pulls 11 Felt good, strong
7 Kneeling Push-ups 20 GTG
8 Flat Knee Raises 35 Ugh. 20-10-5
9 Straight Bridges 30 GTG
10 Half Squats 50 GTG, moving on next week
11 Horizontal Pulls 11 Another strong set.
12 Kneeling Push-ups 20 GTG
13 Straight Bridges 30 No problem
14 Flat Knee Raises 35 F*** me, ouch 15-10-10-5
15 Horizontal Pulls 11 Finished strong

Review.  A solid effort except that the damn Flat Knee Raises are still kicking my butt.

Work smart and work strong,

New John

We will either find a way . . . or make one. – Hannibal


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