Day 313-2 (F, 121109) — Weekly Workout Summary

Fasting Note.  I was going to fast from this afternoon through tomorrow evening when our party begins.  I changed my mind and decided to fast from Thursday night through tonight.  That way I can enjoy my date with my wife a bit more.  I may still refrain from eating tomorrow during the day, but it would only be a mini-fast of about 19 or 20 hours.

Workout Notes.  Even though I completed the Progression Standard for Flat Knee Raises last week, I’m not going to move on.  I’m going to repeat those sets and reps for a few more weeks until I feel comfortable with them and don’t feel like I just barely make it through.

Order and Comments.

# Exercise Reps Remarks
1 Horizontal Pulls 10 I was able to keep good form using 3 sets with fewer reps.
2 Crow Stands 30 Still tough but getting better.
3 Flat Knee Raises 35 Ugh.
4 Straight Bridges 25 No problem.
5 Kneeling Push-ups 15 Easy-peasy.
6 Half Squats 42 Good to go.
7 Horizontal Pulls 10 Set two was good, too.
8 Crow Stands 30 Tougher with tired arms.
9 Flat Knee Raises 35 Ugh, Part II.
10 Straight Bridges 25 GTG.
11 Kneeling Push-ups 15 No sweat.
12 Half Squats 42 Done well.
13 Horizontal Pulls 10 Tougher as I was getting tired but I focused and made it work.
14 Crow Stands 30 Got 23 seconds and said screw it.  Good enough.
15 Flat Knee Raises 35 Damn but these hurt.
16 Straight Bridges 25 GTG.
17 Kneeling Push-ups 15 I really concentrated on feeling it in my arms and chest.

Review.  I had a few minor interruptions during my workout yesterday.  Kids, wife, etc.  Overall, the workout took about 25-30 minutes and felt good.  I even took a picture afterward in my MCT shirt.

I’ll post it soon.

Work smart and work strong,

New John

We will either find a way . . . or make one. – Hannibal


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