Day 299-2 (R, 121025) — Not Dying But Not Necessarily Helping

Continuing Education.  As I’ve mentioned in the past few days, I am experimenting with adding back some carbs to my daily intake.  The results have been mixed.

It’s been ridiculously easy to add 300-500 calories to my daily calorie count, totaling 1,888 and 1,737 calories Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.  My normal average is 1200-1400 per weekday.

Yeah, I know I’m still well under the 2000-2600 recommended for an adult male, but, while I am not going crazy, I do find it harder to control myself.  The calories I’ve added have been crap: cookies, caramel apples, etc.

I know how to do it right, but I don’t do it.  That’s another reason I like low-carb: it is an artificial limit I place on myself which helps me draw the line.  If I’m doing it, I do it all the way.  If I’m not, it’s very hard for me to let myself go just a little.

I guess it goes back to the whole moderator v abstainer thing.

Anxiousness.  Change is uncertain and I’m going to have to fight my way through my doubts or this experiment will never get a full trial.  (Not that that would not be the end of the world.)

Still, I’d like to figure this out now, before we get to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That way, assuming ESE works for me, I’d have two usable plans for the upcoming Overeating Season.

If It doesn’t happen now, it’ll happen some other time.  As they say (when they screw up the quote), “A time for everything and everything in its time.”


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