Day 280-2 (Sa, 121006) — Weekly Workout Review

Notes.  This is what I did yesterday:

Review.  I tracked the order in which I did them based on some advice from Drew Baye.

The whole thing is worth watching, but the part I’m talking about begins at 1h 22m 30s.

I know, I know: he’s talking about HIT and doing one intense set of each exercise.   Still, I can’t see as it hurts to try and start with my weaker exercises and progress to those in which I am already doing better.  Maybe I should do one exercise to finish instead of doing rounds of sets of each exercise . . . .

Here’s the order I did them in, with some subjective notes on my performance:

  1. Horizontal Pull 20 — Tough.  Then again, pull-ups have always been my biggest weakness.
  2. Flat Knee Raise 15 — OK all the way through.
  3. Jackknife Squat 40 — Not too bad. Then again, I adjusted my form from last week; this week, I went to a 90° angle thighs-to-ground.  Last week, I was going all the way down to butt-to-heels, allowing my heels to raise off the ground as I came down.
  4. Short Bridge 30 — Pretty easy.
  5. Crow Stand 15 — This one is going to take a while.  I was supposed to do one set for 30 seconds.  Unfortunately, my balance won’t cooperate.  I am hoping as I get stronger, this will become easier to do.
  6. Incline Push-up 30 — Good form throughout.
  7. Horizontal Pull 20 — This was tough. It actually broke down to mini-sets of 11, 3, 3, 2, and 2.  I only took about 30 seconds rest between each, but it wasn’t continuous.  I’m not as bothered by that as much as I am the fact that my final few reps were not great form.  Next week I’ll not try to improve on numbers but on consistency and form.
  8. Flat Knee Raise 15 — The final ones were harder but I kept my form solid.
  9. Jackknife Squat 40 — Not a problem.
  10. Short Bridge 50 — This was tough . . . mainly because I screwed up and did an extra 20 reps this set.  I kept decent form but had to rest for a few seconds as I was moving into the high-3os and final reps.
  11. Crow Stand 15 — Still tough.  Tougher when a 1 year-old is trying to climb you. o_O
  12. Incline Push-up 30 — These felt really good.  A little tough toward the end, but good nonetheless.
  13. Jackknife Squat 40 — Did ’em and did ’em well.  On to the next Step! =)
  14. Short Bridge 10 — I did a short set here to make up for my overly ambitious second set.

Over all, I’m satisfied with this workout and look forward to moving on to the next Step for Squats and Bridges next week. =)


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