Day 269-2 (T, 120925) — Victory!

Qapla’!  Even though I’m up a tiny bit this week, that makes four consecutive weigh-ins within 2 pounds of 185.  With this, I’m officially declaring victory, according to the goal I’d laid out for myself at the beginning of this journey:

I’m down to ~185 pounds and holding steady.

This is what I weighed in high school. =)

Happy times indeed . . . though I wish I’d been more specific and aimed for a lower bodyfat instead of just a specific weight.  I guess I don’t really care too much exactly what I weigh if I can get my bodyfat percentage down to the mid- to low-teens.

New Goals.

  1. Get my bodyfat down to 15% or less, weight be damned
  2. Be fit (as measured by how much work I can do before I get winded and/or fatigued)
  3. Enjoy life

I still need to define #2 better.  Anybody have a suggestion about how, exactly, to do that?


3 responses to “Day 269-2 (T, 120925) — Victory!

  1. Congratulations John.

    As for being fit, I have my own definition. In my mind, fit is something like this: can bench press body weight, squat 1.5xbw, deadlift 2xbw, knock out 20 good pullups, and without notice can run a 5K in less than 30 minutes. I can’t do all of these things, but they are things I’m keeping in mind. Also, for me, being pain free is important too.

  2. For “be fit” I’d just pick some benchmarks that are appealing to you and target those.
    Could be one of the PFTs from the armed forces. Or one or more of the CC\MCT workouts.
    A run + some of those. Whatever the case might be.

    Since you seem interested in work capacity (how much work you can do before getting winded) I’d suggest a run (since you do that) of a particular distance or the distance you can cover in a particular time and then a CC workout or just a set of 2-4 exercises and see what your max reps are.

    Something like that. Main thing being you’d have set benchmarks you can refer back to over time.

  3. Thanks for the ideas, guys.

    I’m still thinking about it but I like the idea of (a) staying pain free and (b) having stated, numeric goals to look back on and compare against.

    I guess one of the things I’ve wanted to be better at since this started is running at a much faster pace. My best times are usually in the 9-10 minutes per miles range. I’d love to be able to do 5k at something closer to sub-7. Then again, that just might bump up against the whole “no pain” thing!

    Oh well. Time to do more thinkin’ . . .

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