Day 262-2 (T, 120918) — Side Effects of Fasting

Attitude.  When I fast from Sunday night to Tuesday evening, I get grumpy: many Monday nights I find myself being short with my kids, griping about things I would otherwise let slide, getting angry when I might normally only be a little annoyed.*

I have ways to deal with this, and I do . . . if I notice something’s wrong.  The problem, of course, is that I usually don’t notice.  Sometimes, Mrs. New John brings it up, as she did last night, and I get a chance to correct myself, undoing some of the griping I’ve done.  Unfortunately, I’m sure my kids notice every time.  =/

I’m wondering if this is something other people have noticed:

When you fast, do you find yourself more on edge or prone to irritation?
Do you experience emotional changes you can’t attribute to other factors?

Let me know in the comments.  I’m really interested to hear about your experience and how you deal with the problems you experience.

Body Changes.  The biggest change I’ve made to my program in the past month or so, coinciding with my latest round of weight loss, was adding the longer fast on Mondays to counteract the effects of my Free Weekends.

Since then, my body has adapted to this lower weight and I can pretty reliably count on my weight not going above 190 without some drastic problem intervening.

That means my new I’m feeling fat weight is my old skinny weight.  What a great feeling. =)

Updating My Wardrobe.  It also means I’ve had to buy new clothes.  I’m fitting comfortably into Large shirts and 34″-waist shorts now.  I even have a Medium shirt I bought for special occasions when I’m feeling really skinny.** 😉

Now I need to buy new jeans for the Fall/Winter.

I’m also going to sell all my dress clothes.  All 7 of my suits — plus my 2-3 sport coats and my pairs of dress slacks — were purchased when I weighed north of 225, about 35-40 pounds ago.  Some were even bought when I weighed around 240.  Yikes!  When I put them on, I look like I’m trying to wear someone else’s clothes: swimming in coats that are too large, cinching up my pants so that the extra several inches are gathered in the back, etc.

I’m going to list them on eBay or Craigslist and hope to buy a new suit, sport coat, and a few pairs of slacks with the proceeds.  It’s a problem money-wise, but a damned good problem to have.  I’ll take it and run. =)

BTW – does anyone know whether I’ll make more money if I list the suits/coats/slacks individually or as a lot?  I’m guessing individually but I’d appreciate any feedback you might give based on your experience.  Would it make a difference in the odds of them selling at all?


* I don’t have this problem in my daily, 20-hour fasts.
** I even have  two pairs of shorts with 33″-waists!  The only problem with the shirt is that, while most of it fits well, the shoulders are a bit tight, making it feel strange to wear.
I used to work in Congress (in DC) and wore a suit to the office every day.

5 responses to “Day 262-2 (T, 120918) — Side Effects of Fasting

  1. My last post truncated or something. My longer fasts I do when I catch up from my sleep deficits after international flights so it doesn’t seem to affect me as much

    Also yohimbine is a great suppressant as well, plus energy boost and nice thermo effect. Take it slowly though and assess tolerance.

    My take only.

    • Thanks, Montie. I’ll look into the yohimbine. Do you know of a good place to get it cheaply?

      New John

  2. I noticed a little more aggressiveness while doing IF but I imagine that has something to do with the hormonal effects. Increased testosterone may be the cause.

    • Mentally, I haven’t noticed a lack of acuity . . . then again, how would I? 😉

      Remember that this is in the middle of my long fast (about 20-24 hours in) not at the end (40-44 hours).

      New John

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