Day 261-2 (M, 120917) — Results for Week 38-2


Date Weight BF% BF # Lean #
Δ from start -41.2 -7.6 -26.6 -14.6
Δ from Last +1.5 +.03 +0.9 +0.6
Week 38-2: 120915 187.3 22.1 41.3 146.0
Week 37-2: 120908 185.8 21.8 40.4 145.4
Week 0: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9 160.6

I went back two weeks in time, it seems: my numbers on 120915 were almost exactly what they were on 120901. The only differences from 01 to 15?  Up an additional 0.3 pounds overall and, importantly, that 0.3 pounds was lean mass.   Acceptable.

I knew it couldn’t last forever; I’d been coming down remarkably steadily for a month and now have bounced back up a tiny bit.  No big deal.  I don’t plan to change my approach until and unless I see an unmistakable trend in the wrong direction.

Food Tracking. Last week was a pretty standard week, food-wise except for one thing: I felt bad on 9/9 so my Free Day was abbreviated.

NUTRIENTS: Calories: Fat: Net Carbs: Protein:
9-Sep 1995 110 182 59
10-Sep 193 14 10 5
11-Sep 1,538 83 71 115
12-Sep 1,555 113 9 120
13-Sep 1,309 88 50 54
14-Sep 1,763 122 80 76
15-Sep 4,007 200 450 135
7-day Avg. 1765.7 104.3 121.7 80.6
Avg. Last Week 1555.4 88.1 130.3 65.1
Difference 210.3 16.1 -8.6 15.4
Weekday Avg. 1271.6 84.0 44.0 74.0
Last Weekday Avg. 1470.6 88.0 101.8 68.4
Difference -199.0 -4.0 -57.8 5.6

Consequences Unbecoming.  I had my normal Free Days this weekend, Saturday (9/15) and Sun. (9/16), but . . . . . .

I felt like crap on both days.  For once, my eating crap made me really feel it as well.  I think it was the doughnuts on Saturday morning which did me in.

After Ultimate, on my way home I picked up some doughnuts.  Glazed, eclairs, a cinnamon wheel, an apple fritter . . . all sugary goodness just waiting to be eaten.  So I did what I normally do in a case like this, I moderated the hell outta some doughnuts.

Not long thereafter, I felt over-full and not just a little: I felt like I was going to bust.  Then the insulin hit me and I all but passed out.  I only really woke up because my son was doing something dangerous and the adrenaline kick started my heart so I could jump up and stop him.

Even after that, for the rest of the day, and for a large part of Sunday, all the bad things I ate whaddayaknowI’mshockedshockedItellyou made me feel bad.  This hasn’t happened to me in quite a while.

Usually, my body simply accepts that today is different and rolls with it.  This time, not so much.

I will likely try to moderate my behavior on future Free Days (no more doughnuts!) but, as I linked to above, I am most definitely an abstainer and not a moderator so it won’t be easy.


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