Day 256-2 (W, 120912) — My Program

My Weekly Schedule.  Assuming all goes as planned, here is what my weekly diet, fasting, and activity schedule looks like:

Green = Free | Red = Fast | Blue = Low Carb | Gray = Exercise
(Now all I need is one of those L-shaped pieces to complete a row!)

I rarely eat at night so I left off the hours from 10 PM to 7 AM.  They’d be red, too.


  • I take two Free Days each week On Saturday and Sunday.
  • I fast all day on Monday.
  • I have a 4-hour (+/-) feeding window every Tuesday-Friday during which I eat low-carb.  I try to stay between 1300-1800 calories.  Considering that I’m not eating carbs and it’s only one meal plus a snack, that’s not too hard.
  • I exercise three times per week after I get home from work. This generally falls within the same time as my feeding window, though not always.
  • I play Ultimate on Saturday mornings and begin my Free Day when I get home and cleaned up, usually about 11:30 AM or noon.
  • It’s not on the graph, but I track all my food via’s Android app.

This schedule is usually not a problem for me.  The only times when I really feel tempted to alter it on-the-fly are sometimes on Mondays, during my long, post-Free-Weekend fast.  Other times, I feel fine and believe that this schedule can work for me for quite a while now.

I do, on occasion, go out with friends or coworkers to lunch. This happens about once a month.

Adapting.  This is the plan I am using at the moment.  As recently as a week ago, the gray boxes would not have appeared during the week; my only activity was playing Ultimate on Saturday mornings.  I’ve just now begun to workout again in an effort to regain some lost strength and to stop the dramatic lean mass loss I’ve caused over the past 5 months.

As recently as three weeks ago, Monday would have included a feeding window just like Tuesday-Friday.  I decided to add a 36- to 44-hour fast on Mondays following my weekend extravagances based on some additional reading I did about Intermittent Fasting.

Before that, I’ve fasted during weekdays for several months.  I used to take on only Free Day on Saturday and eat low-carb on Sundays.

Results.  Since 8/18, about the time I started the Monday fasts and the all-weekend Free Days (but not the exercising), I’ve lost almost 10 pounds.

Date Weight BF% BF # Lean #
Δ in 3 Weeks
-9.7 -2.0 -6.1 -3.6
Week 37-2: 120908 185.8 21.8 40.4 145.4
Week 36-2: 120901 187 22.1 41.3 145.7
Week 35-2: 120825 191.2 23.0 44.0 147.2
Week 34-2: 120818 195.5 23.8 46.5 149.0

I expect I might lose weight a little quicker if I restricted myself to one or zero Free Days each weekend, but hey, I’m still smiling all the way to the scale.

The Free Days Weekends give me the, er, freedom to go out with friends, spend a nice meal with my wife, have special Sunday morning breakfasts with my kids and their Grandpa, enjoy parties, etc.  And I can do this without feeling guilty, without asking others to make arrangements to satisfy my dietary needs, or having to sit there while everyone else enjoys the festivities.

I can live with this.


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