Day 250-2 (R, 120906) — Convict Conditioning, Day 2

UPDATE. Scratch that.  Life intervened.  I didn’t get to my workout yesterday (W, 120905).  I’ll do it tonight.

Good Behavior, Day Two. 

Day Exercise Progression Work Sets
2 Pull-ups 2
Squats 2

Most times, there should be a day or so of rest between exercise days but I decided to do Day 2 today, just one day after Day 1, because I started on Tuesday instead of Monday.

Exercises. Today is the first day for the pull-up and squat progressions.

  • Horizontal Pulls – 2 sets of 20 10 — The Challenge workouts call these Australian pull-ups.  Here’s a video of how to do them from CC.
  • Jackknife Squats, 3 2 sets of 40 30Here’s a video developed by CC.

I’m aiming to achieve achieved a modified intermediate beginner performance for the horizontal pulls and the progression intermediate standard for the jackknife squats. (Normal beginner for horizontal pulls is 1×10 and normal intermediate for jackknife squats is 2×20.)

In other words, if I feel comfortable with my performance and form on the squats, I’ll move on to the next exercise next week.

Not even close: pull-ups were always my weakest exercise so that’s not too surprising, but I really thought I’d do better on the squats. Next week will be more of the same for these two exercises.


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