Day 229-2 (R, 120816) — Fasting

Fasting Forever.*  Yesterday, mentioned that I was going to try an extended fast.

I usually follow a LeanGains-style fasting regimen: eating from about 5-9 each night but restricting myself to coffee, diet drinks, water, and broth the rest of the time.  I’m considering trying an eatSTOPeat approach for the next few days (fasting for 24-36 hours) and skipping my meal this evening.

Last time I ate was Tuesday night at about 9 PM.  I’ll eat again about 6 PM today (mmmm . . . chili!), ending my fast at around 45 hours.

Last night wasn’t too bad:  several things my family ate tempted me, but I used avoidance to, well, avoid them and to keep myself from jumping off the wagon.  My hunger never got out of control and I slept just fine.

If this turns out as well as it seems it will, I may try it again next week.  For tomorrow, I’m reverting to my normal 20-hour weekday fasting schedule.

A Realization.  It dawned on me yesterday that I often think about food on my drive home, stoking the fires and prepping myself for my meal.  I expect that the mere anticipation of feeding brings on an increase in my insulin levels.

This makes me hungry.  It makes me hungry for bad foods.  This is bad.

I’m not sure how to distract myself from this habit while I’m driving, but I’m gonna try.  Anybody have a suggestion?

Exercising.  I went running last night but had to cut it short.  Not because fasting made me feel bad or anything like that, but because my hip and my neck were bothering me.  I have a 15k mud run on Saturday and decided to cut my run short rather than risk injury prior to the fun.

Stats for yesterday:

  • Distance: 2.89 mi
  • Duration: 0:42:58
  • Average Pace: 14:52 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.04 mph
  • Calories Burned: 406
  • Climb: 146

My pace was even slower than usual because I walked the last mile or so.


* Well, not forever, but I needed a f-word to complete the alliteration and “forever” seemed nicer than the more common alternative. 😉


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