Day 184-2 (M, 120702) — Another Low

The Results.  Almost inexplicably, my current habits (good during the week, some Free Meals on the weekend) seem to be working.  This is my second week in a row with a decades-long low.

Date Weight BF% BF #
Δ from start -35.8 -6.3 -22.9
Δ from Last -1.3 -0.3 -0.9
Week 27-2: 120630 192.7 23.4 45.0
Week 26-2: 120623 194.0 23.7 45.9
Week 0: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9

I think I’ll probably faint the day I see a number starting with 18.  I wonder how long this can continue. . . .

Still Re-examining my Goals.  I didn’t get much feedback last week on my comments about adjusting my longtime weight goal of 185 pounds.  I know commenting can be a chore, but if anyone out there has some thoughts on the subject, I’d appreciate any help you might have to offer.

Food Tracking.  My nutrition totals for the past week:

Calories Fat Net Carbs Protein
Su 24-Jun 3305 185 275 135
M 25-Jun 1357 92 27 91
T 26-Jun 1102 70 28 74
W 27-Jun 1770 110 52 137
R 28-Jun 1482 89 21 104
F 29-Jun 719 31 24 72
Sa 30-Jun 2911 114 317 133
Avg 1806.6 98.7 106.3 106.6
Avg (last wk)
1966.4 105.4 82.4 130.9
-159.9 -6.7 +23.9 -24.3

I’m not sure how this is working, but it is.  I’ll take it and run, so to speak.


2 responses to “Day 184-2 (M, 120702) — Another Low

  1. One issue regarding your question about the 185lb goal and if you have to get to 160 in order to be at 17%bf is that you are looking a linear decline in weight and trying to equate that to a percentage decrese in body fat.

    At 192.7lb/23.4%, you have 147.6lb of lean body mass. If you reverse the equations for 17% bodyfat, and assuming you aren’t losing lean body mass, you would only need to get down to 177.8lbs to be at 17%. To get down to really seeing your abs which on most men is going to require 10% bodyfat, you would need to maintain your lean body mass and get down to 164lbs.

    The bottom line is that 148lbs of lean body mass isn’t much.

    Here’s a website I like

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