Day 177-2 (M, 120625) — A New Low and A New Frustration

The Results.  I had a good week with only one Free Day (Sunday) and hit a new low.

Date Weight BF% BF #
Δ from start -34.5 -6.0 -22.0
Δ from Last -5.2 -1.0 -3.2
Week 26-2: 120623 194.0 23.7 45.9
Week 25-2: 120616 199.2 24.7 49.1
Week 0: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9

This is  my lowest weight since the late-80s.  Yeah.  I expect next week will not be as good.  Boo.  We shall see.

Reevaluating my Goals.  My longtime weight goal has been 185 pounds because:

  1. it’s what I weighed in high school
  2. it puts me in the upper end of the normal BMI category
  3. it’s toward the upper end of what most height/weight charts suggest*

Why the upper end of the suggested ranges?  Because I have a medium-to-large frame on which to hang that weight** so it seemed silly to try for lower.

Unfortunately, despite being nearer to my goal than I have been in decades, I’m still well over 20% BF.   Worse, the most prominent remaining fat store is, of course, my belly.

Put together, it makes me think 185 is not low enough: that I’d have to go much lower before my stomach is even close to flat and I “look good naked.”

I took me 34.5 pounds lost to drop my BF% by 6 points.  Since I need to lose another 6.7 percent to reach what most charts consider “fit” (<17%), does that mean I’d need to lose another 35 pounds to hit that goal?  That I’m should be shooting for 1-freaking-60?


Food Tracking.  My nutrition totals for the past week:

Calories Fat Net Carbs Protein
Su 17-Jun 3316 188 162 209
M 18-Jun 1022 74 10 74
T 19-Jun 1788 107 22 176
W 20-Jun 1468 47 45 126
R 21-Jun 1414 83 36 101
F 22-Jun 1852 112 43 140
Sa 23-Jun 2905 127 259 90
Avg 1966.4 105.4 82.4 103.9
Avg (last wk)
2381.9 135.6 126.1 95.4
-415.4 -30.1 -43.7 +35.4

Still higher than I want to be, on average.  Gotta work on that.  Some of that is because I have a growler full of excellent porter at home and I’ve been drinking a little each evening.


*Yes, I know these charts are generalized across populations, and arbitrary to boot, but that’s what I’m using.
** When measuring body frame, whether it’s elbow breadth or wrist size or what have you, I always end up on near the dividing line between medium and large.
Yeah, I look better than I did, but that’s not the same thing.
Yes, I know this is a complex question that doesn’t fit neatly into a “be this tall and weigh this much” formula. I’m just talking in generalizations, not looking for an answer which will hold up under intense scrutiny.

4 responses to “Day 177-2 (M, 120625) — A New Low and A New Frustration

  1. Are you doing VERY intense workouts for long periods of time (like cardio at a very high intensity)? If so, then the ‘free day’ (which I assume means lots of carbs) might be okay.

    Are you still craving carbs/’free day’ foods? If so, might I suggest a 2 week ‘sugar buster’ kind of program where you cut them out completely. I know if I had a ‘free day’ then it would likely re-ignite my addiction to bad foods. An ice cream cone once a week or two is fine, but a whole day or back-to-back bad meals just breaks the cycle. Junk food is like crack cocaine man! Once you start, it’s hard to stop. Best to avoid it completely.

    • I hear you, Mark. Actually, I think may be that I am figuring out how to adapt my diet so that I can accept some forbidden fruit, so to speak, while still cruising along. Time will tell.

      As for exercising, I’m not really more than my weekly Ultimate Frisbee game on Saturday mornings. I’ll do an occasional 50-push-up set or two but nothing planned and intense.

      I’ve been considering starting up again but I think I’m going to wait until I’ve hit a definite plateau before I do. So long as I’m still losing, I think I’m going to stick with diet-only.

      Thanks for your feedback, Mark. It’s always appreciated. =)

      Work smart and work strong,

      New John

  2. I think it’s an oft danced around truth that once you gain significant fat you are stuck with it unless you want to expend a lot of extra effort maintaining a sub-‘natural’ bodyweight.

    I’ve gone from maybe 225+ to 175- and while I was obviously lighter and had clearly shed some body fat the essential shape\appearance is about the same. Interesting tho over a longer period of going from 215->180->225+->205ish->220->175ish->200->195->210 to see how one 220 isn’t the same as another 220, but sometimes a 195 will be the same as a 215, and things like that, depending on overall levels of fat and muscle.

    I think there is a lot to be said for building some extra muscle and I tend to think that works best with weight training done consistently over a period of time. Most effective if a person hasn’t lifted before or in several years. Doesn’t relate to strict scale weight a lot of the time but more so just the appearance factor.

    I would speculate baselessly that most overweight dudes will look “better” if they drop 10lbs of fat and gain 10lbs of muscle than if they just drop 20lbs composed of both fat and muscle.

    In reading your blog for a while now I think that heavy weight training is one of the things you have not done yet. It’s a pretty common stop on the lifetime path to greater hotness\health\fitness. IMHO.

    Hard to integrate with family life and all of that, requires heavy somewhat pricey equipment and\or a gym, and works best with training partners, BUT….probably worth it.

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