Day 165-2 (W, 120613) — What I’ve Learned Recently

Patterns.  Over the past month or so, an unfortunately normal pattern has emerged: eat well and fast during the work week, take a Free Day + a Free Meal (or two) during the weekend.  Each week brings a new excuse.

The “reason I just had to eat poorly (even though I didn’t really want to, of course)” this week was the same as last: my brother and his family were in town and they are leaving today for Okinawa for three years.  (He’s a Major in the USMC and has just been stationed over there.)  I took off last Friday and this Monday from both work and dieting.

The Results.  Considering that I weighed in on Saturday morning, after a week of eating about 1700 calories and 30  or so net carbs each day — not bad, really, but a little more than I would have liked — and a Friday night filled with indulgence, it turned out better than I could have hoped for:

Date Weight BF% BF #
Δ from start -30.4 -5.3 -19.6
Δ from Last -3.0 -0.5 -1.7
Week 24-2: 120609 198.1 24.4 48.3
Week 23-2: 120602 201.1 24.9 50.0
Week 22-2: 120528 198.8 25.5 48.6

Weight 120609 with 2-week trailing trendline

In mid-April (120414) I weighed 207.7.  Since then, I’ve averaged around 201, +/- about 2.5 pounds despite my extracurricular dining habits.  So what has this taught me?  It seems that I can take a Free Day + a Free Meal each week and keep my weight at 203 or less.

Whaddaya know, the 80/20 rule applies to me, too . . . sorta.  Mark says that you can approach things on an 80/20 basis, including the 40 carbs/day recommendation, and still lose weight.  This doesn’t quite cut it for me.

It seems I can maintain my weight fairly well on an 80/20-ish schedule, but I can’t seem to lose more given that much off-plan eating.  For me, it’s much easier to lose weight by keeping my total calories under 1600, net carbs under 30, and forgo the cake and ice cream entirely.

Food Tracking.  My daily nutrition totals for the past week:

Calories Fat Carbs Protein Fiber
Su 3-Jun 1905 98 59 183 18
M 4-Jun 1584 109 37 89 5
T 5-Jun 1708 147 44 51 13
W 6-Jun 1797 122 28 117 8
R 7-Jun 1743 110 61 124 12
F 8-Jun 2916 150 180 164 15
Sa 9-Jun 3203 163 245 74 12
Avg 2122.7 128.4 93.4 114.6 11.9
Avg (last wk)
2866.0 181.4 137.1 138.6 17.6
-743.4 -53.0 -43.7 -24.0 -5.7

There are big drops in every category this week, despite Free Days Friday and Saturday, but only because the previous week was so laughably bad.   Still, lower is lower and I’ll take the results.

A “Big” Week.  Besides Friday and Saturday, I took Free Days on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  That’s five solid days of high-carb living, more than enough to screw up my internal chemistry and mean I’ll suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous cravings for a day or three.  Oh well . . . .

Yesterday I fasted during the day and then went with my family to the Rangers’ game.  Ballpark hot dog, beer, nachos, candy, kettlecorn . . . all played a part in the evening.  I hit 2729 calories and 255 carbs.  Bad, but not the worst I’ve done in the past few months.*

As far as I know, no special things are planned for the rest of this week or this weekend.  Starting today, I’m back on the plan in spades.

On Deck.  There are still some “special occasions” coming up — I can think of 5 in the next 6 weeks: Father’s Day 6/17, a beer tasting 6/20, the 4th of July, a second beer tasting 7/20, and my twins’ birthday a week past that.

I will focus, find ways to interrupt bad habits, and generally set things up so I can be good / minimize the damage from these events.

Even with these temptations, I have great expectations for the next couple of months overall.  190 here we come! =)

A Request.  To complicate matters, since they aren’t confusing enough, I am reconsidering my decision to stop exercising.

Please come back Friday for details and to help me answer a question.


* Pretty much tied (with 2719 on 4/15)  for seventh worst since mid-April, actually.  The worst?  That would be the 4721 calorie/411 net carbs day I had June 2.

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