Day 156-2 (M, 120604) — The Hunger

More Than a Movie.  It’s not a game but it is an old companion; one which comes and goes and has recently returned.

One of the reasons I like the low-carb approach is that it rarely involves hunger.  Most times, a chunk of ham or a bit of sausage will allay tummy rumbles, but lately things haven’t been working that way.

This week I was hungry more than I have been in a while now.  I’ve rearranged this post and brought my food diary to the top to document this horror.

Food Tracking.  My daily nutrition totals for the past week:

Calories Fat Carbs Protein Fiber
Su 27-May 4385 337 95 257 24
M 28-May 2593 107 52 139 8
T 29-May 1461 128 26 95 8
W 30-May 1937 93 63 159 15
R 31-May 1385 169 52 88 12
F 01-Jun 3581 69 223 94 16
Sa 2-Jun 4721 166 449 138 38
Avg 2866.0 181.4 137.1 138.6 17.6
Avg (last wk)
2016.0 130.0 70.4 118.6 8.3
+850.2 +51.4 +66.7 +20.0 +9.3

Sorta gives lie to the idea of low-carb living, doesn’t it?  Everything was up . . . a bunch.

Last Sunday, I ate a ton of food.  Good, low-carb-approved foods . . . but lots and lots of it.  Part of the problem was I ate four meals that day.  So.  Much.  Food. 4385 calories and 71 net carbs.

Monday, Memorial Day and a day off of work, was better but not great.  Back to a reasonable number of carbs but still too much food.  2593 calories and 44 net carbs.

Tuesday was excellent: 1461 calories and only 18 net carbs.  Wednesday was high again: 1937 calories with 48 net carbs.  Thursday was good: 1385 calories and 40 net carbs.

Friday night, I went out with my wife and some old friends from Mexico.   We went to dinner at Love and War in Texas and I ordered a Shiner Bock.  Turns out it was a BIG Shiner.  (I thought I was ordering a pint.)  After that, I said, “Screw it” and just ate.  Fried green beans, most of a rack of ribs, rice, corn, coffee, bread pudding (yum!), Kilkenny Cream Ale (double yum!) . . . they were delicious and I had a great time.  3581 calories for the day including 207 net carbs.

Saturday, I played Ultimate in the morning and had a great time.  Then I drove a few hundred miles to pick up my kids from their grandparents.  My first mistake was leaving the house hungry.  Big mistake.  I ate like crap on the trip there and back: Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, ice cream, Cheetos . . . all these and more showed up on my diary that day.  4721 calories and 411 net carbs.

Sunday (which counts against next week rather than this one) was better, back to eating reasonable foods with few carbs, but the hunger remained and I ended up overshooting my daily target of about 1500-1600 calories.  1905 calories and 41 net carbs.

Today should be good: fasting and a normal dinner tonight.  I’m just hoping I don’t feel hungry.

After today, my brother and his family are in town this week prior to moving to Okinawa for three years.  I’ll spend a lot of time away from home, away from my low-carb foods.  I’ll be able to fast Monday through Thursday at work but the evenings will be sketchy as I have to find ways to eat well despite my family’s penchant for high-carb living.

Plus I’m off work this Friday and next Monday, so I won’t have the insulated world of work in which to fast on those days.  All in all, this week will be a big challenge.


The Results.  Not nearly as bad as it could have been.

Date Weight BF% BF #
Δ from start -27.4 -4.8 -17.9
Δ from Last +2.3 -0.6 +1.4
Week 23-2: 120602 201.1 24.9 50.0
Week 22-2: 120528 198.8 25.5 48.6
Week 21-2: 120521 201.8 25.2 50.8

As I mentioned in a comment on last Tuesday’s post, “I fear I’ll bounce up a little in my next weigh-in, but it shouldn’t be too much. If I lose again this week it’ll be unexpected and incredible.”

Given all the cheating and crap I ate this week, I’m amazed I was up only 2.3 pounds.

I am not, however, optimistic about next weekend’s weigh-in.  See below for details.


Goal for This Week.  Try not to balloon to 210 pounds.


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