Day 151-2 (T, 120529) — Sub-200!

A Good Week.  I was semi-good last week, having a Free Meal Sunday evening for my son’s third birthday and then again Thursday evening with my brother and his family in town at my niece’s graduation celebration dinner. Even so, I was down this week, sub-200 for the first time since the end of last August.

Date Weight BF% BF #
Δ from start -29.7 -4.2 -19.3
Δ from Last -3 +0.3 -2.2
Week 22-2: 120528 198.8 25.50 48.60
Week 21-2: 120521 201.8 25.2 50.8
Week 20-2: 120512 203.0 25.3 51.3
Week 19-2: 120505 200.3 24.8 49.6

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (the latter two will count against next week) were all higher-than-normal calorie counts but for once these were not caused by cheating.   I ate good low-carb fare but I ate a full three meals each day with no fasting.

It’ll be interesting to see how that affects next week’s weigh-in.

BTW, if you didn’t see the scones recipe I tried this weekend, check it out.  Good stuff!


A New Chart.  This chart shows my weigh-in data from January 2011 through this past Saturday, May 28, 2012, a period of 17 months.  Green is data; red is the 4-week trailing trendline.

Weight History and Trendline from 110101 through 120528

Weight History and Trendline from 110101 through 120528


Food Last Week.  My daily nutrition totals for the past week:

Calories Fat Carbs Protein Fiber
Su 20-May 2631 178 137 103 8
M 21-May 1534 107 25 110 8
T 22-May 1457 128 26 55 5
W 23-May 1414 93 37 110 10
R 24-May 3425 169 216 156 16
F 25-May 1420 69 16 147 1
Sa 26-May 2230 166 36 149 20
Avg (6-day)
2016.0 130.0 70.4 118.6 8.3
Avg (last wk)
1491.0 106.7 53.7 77.3 17.0
+525.0 +23.3 +16.8 +41.2 -8.7

Last week I noted that I needed to “get my protein and fat higher and my carbs lower.”  Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

My net carbs (carbs – fiber) were 31 or less every day except when I had my Free Meals.  That is what really helped me post a lower number this week despite the cake, ice cream, and pizza on Sunday and the queso and margaritas on Thursday.

I am happy that I was able to stay low-carb this weekend (and Memorial Day) despite the presence of doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, candy, etc.

“Abstinence is as easy to me, as temperance would be difficult.”
Samuel Johnson


Goals for This Week.  They will be tough to meet given Sunday and Monday’s higher-then-normal calorie count, but, since I still ate low-carb foods, I hope it will work out.

  • Overall calories stay at or below 1600
  • Overall net carbs are below 30 (total carbs at 50 or less, fiber at 15+)
  • Overall fat is about 120
  • Overall protein is about 90


What’s On Deck.  This week I  don’t have anything special planned so I expect that, from Tuesday on, I’ll be able to control things pretty well.

The only exceptions to what would otherwise a perfectly-planned week will be that I may not be able to play Ultimate Saturday morning and I’ll be driving a fair bit that day, probably covering breakfast and lunch.  If I can fast, or only drink coffee/eat some sunflower seeds, I hope it will end up a good day as well.


5 responses to “Day 151-2 (T, 120529) — Sub-200!

  1. Nice, John. Way to go! Still watching your progress and enjoying your posts, even though I don’t comment as often.

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