Day 121-2 (M, 120430) — 203.75

It works.  Last week, I continued to eat well and watch my total calories each day.  On Saturday, I weighed-in again: once before and once after a few hours of morning Ultimate Frisbee in a fasted state.  The average of the two readings: 203.75 / 25.65% / 52.25#

The previous Saturday, I had weighed-in and come in around 210# (I don’t remember exactly and can’t find the paper where I wrote it down).  I other words, I was up a little from my weigh-in on April 14.  This isn’t too surprising given the insane drop the week before.

Date Weight BF% BF #
Δ from start -24.75 -4.05 -15.65
Δ from Last -3.95 -0.45 -1.95
Week 18-2: 120428 203.75 25.65 52.25
Week 16-2: 120414 207.7 26.1 54.2
Week 15-2: 120410 223.8 29.5 65.4

That makes 20 pounds overall, 4% bodyfat, and 13 pounds of bodyfat in 18 days.  I am now approaching my weight from last October when I stopped weighing myself for a few months.  To celebrate this continued weight loss from eating right, I, of course, immediately took a Free Meal that evening.*

How Am I Doing It?  That’s an easy question to answer: fasting every weekday from 8PM until 5 PM the next day, strict low-carb eating, and tracking my food intake in minute detail every day.

I use and their Android Diet Tracker app to track my calories and macronutrient intake.

Food Last Week.  Here’s a summary of everything I ate last week.  Saturday and Sunday were high and made a big difference in the overall average.

Calories Fat Carbs Protein Fiber
Sa 21-Apr 2480 183 54 149 17
Su 22-Apr 2589 195 51 142 9
M 23-Apr 1485 76 33 136 6
T 24-Apr 1050 71 18 70 6
W 25-Apr 924 51 49 61 11
R 26-Apr 1771 137 30 74 4
F 27-Apr 1103 72 47 52 10
Avg 1628.9 112.1 40.3 97.7 9.0
Avg (M-F)
1266.6 81.4 35.4 78.6 7.4

On weekdays I fast.  On weekends, I usually don’t.  This skews things pretty heavily and just goes to show that fasting makes a HUGE difference for me.

Tuesday and Wednesday were definitely low.  I can’t explain why I eat less on some days.  I just don’t get as hungry.

Looking at the food logs for those days, nothing stands out as particularly filling and likely to make me eat so much less.  And I ate different entrees each day so there’s no main-dish correlation.  Just an odd personal variation, I guess.

* Actually, it was a planned party a friend was having and, while I did enjoy some rice and sweets with my protein, I didn’t go crazy like I used to do on the 4 Hour Body program.  Plus, I fasted all day until I went to the party to help ameliorate the damage.

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