Day 101-2 (T, 120410) — 223.8

A Not Entirely Unexpected Result.  That’s what more than two weeks of crappy eating does for me: 223.8.

Up 17.5 pounds, 3.7% bodyfat, and 12.1 pounds bodyfat
in the 24 days since my last weigh in (March 17).

I’ve managed in three weeks or so to undo almost everything I’ve done in the past 16 months.  I haven’t weighed this much since (literally) my first week on the 4HB Slow Carb diet.

How? Food. That’s easy: in the past two weeks, I’ve let myself go. (Ya think?)

We had family in from out of town and then were out of town ourselves for most of that time. Since I was usually not in charge of arranging food in the evenings, I ate what others prepared for me, damn the consequences. I used it as an excuse to eat everything I was not supposed to eat: breads, sweets, potatoes, buns, cereal, Pop Tarts, cookies, cake, ice cream, etc.

I also stopped caring about the source of the food and how processed it was.

If it was bad for me and a trigger food which inexorably lead to my overeating, I had it in spades.  Even as I reached for the Hostess Cupcake or the piece of taffy, I would consciously think to myself, “I shouldn’t eat this” and “This is mindless eating I should stop” and “I should put these away so they don’t tempt me” and “I’m such a fool that I am doing this anyway even though I know better but here I am putting another bite in my mouth again and again and ….

About the only things I did well during this period were fasting at work (most days) and not drinking my calories.  Yip-freaking-ee.

Moving?  Pshaw!  I also failed to do my Primal exercises.  I think I did a full set of exercises one time.  I did do my lunchtime walks for one of the weeks but not the second.

There were no sprints or tabata-style intense workouts.  Hell, there weren’t even any chronic cardio sessions to lessen the impact.

What Happened?  I stopped caring.  I didn’t feel like making my own meals.  I didn’t want to eat another salad.  I didn’t buy any good food and I didn’t do things which might encourage me to eat correctly.

I just wanted it to be easy again.  I wanted to just eat what everyone else ate, to be able to stop anywhere and pick up something tasty and quick.  I didn’t want to look at a label or search for unprocessed foods or spend the extra money to find pastured fucking anything.

I worked just as well as you can see from the beginning of this post.

What to Do?  Back to Basics: low carb and fasting + workouts, walking, play, and sprints.

  • Step 1. This week will be ultra low carb.  No fruit.  No chocolate.  No yogurt.  Little snacking, if any.  I’ll try and hit somewhere between 20-40 carbs per day.  To help with this, I’ll be using to track my food intake again.  I may adjust that target in future weeks.
  • Step 2. Intermittent Fasting as usual.  No lunch during the workweek.  Eat a large dinner when I get home around 5 PM or so.  Stop eating around 8 or 9.
  • Step 3.  Increase the intensity of my 2 workouts.  I’ll stop trying to add a third workout each week (which I never seemed to achieve anyway).   Also, in the past few months I’ve allowed my workouts to take on a more laid back pace.  This will have to change and I’ll go back to working up a helluva sweat during my 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises.  I will also try to work in some moving heavy things.
  • Step 4.  It’s getting to be too hot during the day to walk during lunch (without having to change into workout clothes and then shower on returning to work).  So I’m going to return to my previous habits of early morning walking.  I used to jog 6 miles or so in about an hour.  Now I’ll walk 3 miles or so in the same time and add in a few sprints.

If I can do these four things, I think I can turn it around.  They have all been integral parts of my success in the past and I firmly believe that they can be again.

Be Careful What You Ask For.  An important caveat here is that I must avoid overdoing it.  I can’t allow myself to become discouraged by trying too much at once.  If I find that this is too much to do, I’ll reevaluate and revamp the plan to prevent failure.

Based on my past experience, I think this is my best option for losing fat . . . if I do it.  If I find myself slacking or cheating or otherwise failing, I’ll adapt and overcome.

I’ve done it before.  I’ll do it again . . . . I just wish I didn’t have to.


6 responses to “Day 101-2 (T, 120410) — 223.8

  1. John,

    That sounds like a good plan to me. Definitely the very low carb intake will kickstart the weight loss again, though I hear it doesn’t, unfortunately, come as quickly the second time around : (

    I sincerely hope you’re not planning on doing that 4 Hour Body thing again. Check out Jimmy Moore’s recent podcast with guest Matt LaLonde, where he talks briefly about how ridiculous that program is. Then again, he is also very skeptical of fasting. I think the concern is more in regards to fasting on purpose, versus just not eating if you’re not hungry.

    One thing I have recently come to the conclusion of for me is stress/cortisol levels. I never really paid much attention to the cortisol research/discussions but I have been recently and do believe that getting more sleep and reducing stress to avoid the cortisol spikes is important too.

    Either way – good luck. I love reading your posts and wish you the best.


    • Thank you for your support, Mark. I know about the One Golden Change the first time you try low-carbing. The first time I tried Atkins 15 years ago, I dropped about 20 pounds in the first month. Now? Not so much or so fast.

      As for 4HB, I don’t think it’s a bad plan. It’s not low carb, what with the beans and the Free Days, but I know firsthand it can be successful. And I think it’s a valuable option for people who have trouble committing to a truly LC lifestyle.

      Fasting is good for me. See today’s post for more.

      I need to look into the whole cortisol aspect of things more closely. I like to find good Big Picture overviews before I delve deeper into the details of a topic. Got any recommendations for first reads?

  2. You and me both, compadre. I got down in the 150s before the holidays (yeah, the ones in December) and got out of the habit of eating right and exercising. New job + now I’m up to speed and have more responsibility. Gym at 5AM is unbearable and I’m just too mentally exhausted.

    I am back on low carb too, restricting cheat days to ONE day, goal to hit the gym at lunch 3-5 days per week.

    Even though I don’t comment, I always read your blog posts.

    I am rooting for you!

    • Thanks for the support, Sue. I’m still pondering my moves with an eye toward dropping the workouts and focusing solely on food. That’s what today’s post is going to be about.

      Keep up the efforts, Sue. =)

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