Day 073-2 (T, 120313) — Need a Kick in the Pants Today?

Just Do It has always been one of my favorite slogans.  This ad is a great extension of that idea.

Recommendations.  Rose suggests that one-size doesn’t fit all.

I’ve only been on PaleoHacks for eight months, so maybe there have been other streaks like this, but it seems to me that the past couple of weeks have seen an unusually high level of know-it-all prescriptiveness in the questions — questions, folks — being “asked.”

Look, I’m zero-carb/near zero-carb, and have been since September 2009. I’ve been VLC since February 2007. I’ve never experienced such amazing health as I have in the last several years, and as it says in my profile, the lower my carbs go — yes, even to the last couple of decimals left in 99.9%-meat diet — the better I look and feel. My labs back it up, too.

So you can bet I’m sorely tempted to tell people here who are having problems with Paleo that the one, right, true and only way to go is zero carb. Not losing that last ten pounds? Zero carb! Tired, grumpy, and plagued by lawn gophers? Ditch the veggies! Hate your fat or skinny ass, your fat or skinny spouse, your lazy or hyper dog? Get out of denial, drop that salad fork, and your troubles will be over.

But I don’t do that. Not because I possess piles and piles of discipline that would otherwise go to waste (cough), but because I know that I have no earthly fricking clue if my very specific way of eating would work for someone else. I’m dying, for example, to counsel Evelyn/CarbSane to just give zero carb a try for one month, like I did, and see if it changes her mind. But I have no idea 1) if she’s ever tried it — maybe she has and it totally screwed her over, and 2) even if she hasn’t tried it, maybe it really would screw her over, and then I’d feel like a jackass. (Boy, and then she’d really have some negative shit to say about low-carb, lol.)

I don’t mind when people have confidence in their way of eating, especially when they have solid results to show for it. And I don’t mind confidence in mere opinions, either; after all, if you didn’t believe in your own opinions, you’d have different ones (citations do help in that case, though). And I generally enjoy PaleoHacks’ atmosphere of cordial competitiveness and occasionally sharp repartee.

But I also think it ought to be acknowledged that none of us knows everything about physiology, and certainly none of us knows everything about some other person. Does it help us get closer to the truth about health and nutrition when we dismiss experience that contradicts our theories as mere “self-deception” or, more insidiously, as outright deception? As a thriving ZCer, should I say that Cliff, for example, is just lying about his OJ consumption? Aside from being rude and contemptible, wouldn’t such a denial of his experience keep me from seeing reality, and from adjusting my theories accordingly? And isn’t that the point of this site, to try to get at the truth, and not just confirm our pet theories?

I’m pretty sure I have been guilty of this, though I generally try to suggest rather than insist that low-carb/paleo/primal is a good way though not necessarily the way.


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