Day 072-2 (M, 120312) — I Go Out Walkin’ . . .

Chugging Along.  Continuing my new habit of walking an hour during my “lunch” hours, I did pretty well this past week.  I set another personal best for distance walked in a single week (13.04 miles) and in a single month (18.1 miles).*  I wonder if I can get nice enough weather this week to push it to my (theoretical) max of about 15-16 miles for the week.

Why is 15 my max for the week?  Because more than that would require either walking for longer (taking more than an hour for lunch) or moving faster, putting me back into the realm of “chronic cardio” which Mark warns against in TPB.

Pictures from the Edge.  I thought about calling this section “More Photography” but figure that would be too grand a word for what I do with the camera on my phone.  So “pictures” is about as good as it’s gonna get.

As before, the links for each day take you to the details of that activity which include a map, distance, duration, average pace, average speed, calories burned, and climb.

Monday.  Today’s walk was a bit warm but not too much.  The picture is of some of the newly constructed bridges and overpasses for the turnpike.  Oh what wond’rous world we live in that has such creations in’t.**

What Man is Capable Of Creating

Tuesday.  As a counterpoint to the longhorns next to my building, there are a few of the horses a little bit north of where I work.  These beautiful animals all came over as I approached; they must be used to people feeding them across the fence.  My daughters would have loved this part of my walk.

My daughters would love this part of the walk

Wednesday.  My walk today was cut short by rain and I almost forgot to take a picture at all.  As it is, I remembered as the last possible moment, literally, and took a picture of the approach to my building.

The approach to my building

Thursday and Friday.  Ugh.  Two days of walking on a treadmill in the corporate fitness center.  It’s a nice enough place and all but I really prefer to be out an about, walking ’round the area and exploring.  I got some funny looks from people since I did my walk in my slacks, shirt, and tie rather than changing into “workout clothes.”

Treadmill 1Treadmill 2

The difference in grade for each walk (the graph to the left of the picture) is that I didn’t realize the machine automatically took me into a 5-minute warm-down period when I completed my hour.  It erased everything I had done to that point except the distance and the calories burned.  On Friday, I paused it just before it cleared everything out and took my picture.


* The low monthly distance was mainly because I rarely took walks since I started running a few years ago.  My best distance in a month for any type of activity was 91.9 miles of running last June.  My best week was 31.6 miles for the week of June 26.
I find our ability to create a wonderful thing, and I see it more in the artifacts we create than the “art” we store in museums.

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