Day 052-2 (T, 120221) — Not Dead Yet

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” — Anne Bradstreet

Life Happens.  I had a long weekend and enjoyed spending some extra time with my family.  Unfortunately, I also had to buy a new hard drive and install my OS this weekend, as well.  Put those two things together and my chances of posting on NJ4NY fell to zero.  Sorry.

During the past week, I’ve eaten within Mark’s 80/20 rule and felt bad about it.  I could have done better but I moderated some birthday cake (I probably had a whole piece in nibbles over the course of an hour or so) at a party on Friday.

Add to this “no workouts since last Monday” and (my old favorite) “too much snacking” and it was a less than stellar week.  Not terrible, mind you — I didn’t blow up like a Thanksgiving Day parade float (do they still do that?) and I did get to play an energetic game of Ultimate in the cold Saturday morning — but I certainly didn’t make any progress toward my goals.

Oh well.  Time to keep on keeping on.  No sadness or excuses here, just a realization I need to do better . . . and will.

Info Dump.  Here are a few recent articles you might find interesting.

  1. 3 Bittersweet Truths about Sweeteners
  2. The Secret to Loving Your Body Isn’t Losing Weight
  3. Dessert at Breakfast May Help Dieters

(1) I disagree with their findings regarding HFCS and honey, but present this in the interest of having all the information available so you can make up your own mind.

(2) An inspirational post about realigning your health and fitness goals.

I always used to think that if I was skinnier, I’d be happier—not just with my body but with my life in general. Many of us believe that weight loss is the answer to many of our problems and pitfalls. We think that when we lose weight we’ll not just feel more confident, but we’ll land a mate, improve our marriages, be more successful, have more friends, or just feel happier in general. For a lot of people weight loss—or, rather, being thin—is the golden ticket we’ve been waiting on.

(3) A preliminary report suggesting that a bit of breakfast sweetness can lead to better weight loss:

Those on the dessert regimen maintained lower levels of ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates appetite) and reported significantly higher levels of fullness.

This study used a calorie-restricted, carb-laden SAD diet, but it does offer an  interesting idea to ponder: could a LCHF program show similar results?


Exercise.  Not today. Tomorrow.



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