Day 043-2 (Su, 120212) — Outdoor Workouts in DFW

Finding a Spot.  I would like to find places to workout in Dallas.  While I still enjoy jogging a bit, that’s not what I mean.  And I’m not looking for a gym or some random place I find which has a sturdy enough branch parallel to the ground where one could improvise some pull-ups.

I’m trying to find a place which has lots of bars and equipment of different types and levels.  The kind of place these guys use for their bodyweight workouts:

Unfortunately, that information seems to be hidden from the All Seeing Internet.*

So, like any 21st century investigator, I asked the experts: the Dallas Department of Parks and Recreation.

I am looking for parks and public areas in and around Dallas which have areas for working out.  Not machines or free weights, but bars and other equipment that could be used for bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, etc.

I think WRL [ed. note: see below] used to have some workout stations around it but I don’t remember for sure.

Can you help me?

Here is what they said:



So then I contacted the group that oversees the areas in and around Dallas’ best exercise destination: White Rock Lake volunteer organization For the Love of the Lake.

I asked them if there were any pull-up bars, dip bars, monkey bars, etc. around the lake.  As I mentioned in my letter to DDP&R, I think there used to be some but it seems like I remember them disappearing a few years back.

Their response?


I did finally find ONE review on Yelp.

Start at the oar house. There are 2 beast “pull-up” bars that you’ll want to acquaint yourself with.

When I asked him to clarify where he meant these places are, here’s what he said:

Yes, the pull-up bars by the boat house  (west side of the lake, toward the south) look for 15 on the map…..There’s also a workout exercise location, pull up bars and conditioning stations; located by 5 on map on whiterock lake…take the path away from winfrey and close to baseball fields….

Here are the Google Map locations he is talking about:

  1. Pull-up Bars near the Boat House
  2. Baseball fields near Winfrey Point

Using Google Maps (not going there in person), I could not find the pull-up bars etc. near the baseball fields that he mentioned.

Maybe you’ll have better luck and report back? 😉


* I found a couple of fora on the ‘Net which asked a similar question.  In the replies I found link to two maps where people could post locations of public pull-up bars (and other exercise equipment): (Mostly) N. America and Some N. America, Some Asia.  If I can find any in Dallas or North Texas, I’ll add them.  If you know of any in your neck of the woods, I encourage you to add them, too.

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