Day 036-2 (Sa, 120204) — Random Thoughts on the Primal Scene; Results Week 05-2; Food Diary, Day 6

Random Thoughts on the Primal Scene.

  • Yesterday I did 20 ten-second push-ups (5 full seconds down, 5 full seconds up).  It was really hard.  Someday I’ll try to do 20 Diamond Dallas Page’s version (10 down, hold for 10, 10 up).  I’ve only been able to do two (in a row) before.
  • BTW, check out Diamond Dallas Page’s DDPYOGA (fka YRG, Yoga for Regular Guys). Done correctly, it’s an intense and different workout.  I used to do the YRG 50+ program (for folks more than 50 pounds overweight) and loved it.  I should look into the new workouts and add them into my rotation.
  • Bulletproof Coffee is great but I think it should count as breaking your fast.  Also, it did not seem to help me not feel hungry on my fasting days.  Verdict?  It tastes great, and can be an occasional indulgence, but it breaks your fast and may not be worth the extra calories.
  • I get to play Ultimate Frisbee today I can’t wait.  I hope my ankle doesn’t give out at frisbee today.  (See below for an update.)
  • There was a mistake in my previous food diaries. The coconut oil I had chosen had the nutrients really screwed up.  They accidentally listed the calories number for the fat grams number. It makes a big difference when your fat grams per serving go from 123 to 13.
  • I’m working on a severe lack of sleep today.  Somewhere around 3.5 hours.  Insomnia bites
  • Are BCAA supplements primal? What about Jack3d?  Anybody know?

For Kicks.  I weighed in today.  It’s been a good week, my ring was loose, I felt skinny . . . so I did it.

Date Weight BF% BF #
Δ from start -19.9 -3.4 -13.2
Δ from Last -3.3 -1.1 -2.0
Week 05-2: 120204 208.6 26.3 54.7
Week 04-2: 120130 211.9 26.6 56.7
Week 00-2: 111231 208.5 26.4 55.1
Week 00: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9

Not a bad week.  Whaddayaknow . . . paying attention to what I eat helps.

I’m not sure I’ll continue tracking as closely as I have been/am this week (I’ll go through tomorrow), but I’ve at least confirmed that, for me, being aware of my intake makes a big difference in the weigh-ins.


BPC, Take 3.  I made a maxed-out cup of BulletProof Coffee this morning with 2 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp coconut oil.  I also added a little bit of pure, 100% dark, chocolate bar.

I loved it.  Then I went and . . .


Ultimate!  I played Ultimate Frisbee today for the first time in about 15 years.  It was a blast!  We played hard for about 2.5 hours, got winded, got better, won one, lost one, and generally had a lot fun.  We played 7 on a team and ran our asses off.

I was one of four older guys there; the rest were teens or in their twenties.

I also managed to do 4 standard chin-ups on the goal posts at one end of the field.  Later, I did 4 more where I gripped the bar along the axis and pulled my head up, first on one side, then the other.  Six months ago, I couldn’t do one.  Go me. =)


Nutritional Analysis for Today.

Saturday's Nutrition 120204

Saturday's Nutrition 120204

Lunch was a big steak with garlic-herb butter and feta cheese on it.  It. Was. Heavenly.


Running Nutrition Total for the Week.

Day Calories Carbs Fiber Fat Protein
Mon 1517 24 (7) 96 121
Tues 1697 79 (26) 114 77
Wed 1078 35 (10) 68 70
Thurs 2233 51 (13) 185 90
Fri 1618 51 (11) 191 74
Sat 2225 53 (11) 154 140
Avg 1728 49 (13) 135 95

Up to an average of a bit more than 1700 calories per day and still sub-50 carbs (36 carbs/day net).


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