Day 031-2 (T, 120131) — Cold Weather Exercise; Food Diary, Day 2

“To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labour tends.”
— Samuel Johnson

Housekeeping.  Most any quote you ever see at the top of my blog nowadays is stolen from the daily “Moment of Happiness” email from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project.  You should read her blog.  Good stuff.

Also, I miss labeled (and URL-ed) yesterday’s post (since corrected).  It should have been marked for January 30, not January 31.  If a link brought you here looking for my post about Bulletproof Coffee, click here to visit that post.

Winter Problems.  Working out in the winter sucks.  There’s a reason I live in Texas: I don’t like cold weather.  It still get s cold enough around here to keep me from going outside like I want to, though.

The good folks at recognize this and, while they are writing for folks in a much colder part of the country than where I am, there are still some valuable lessons to be gleaned from a couple of recent articles.

So get to it.  Don’t let the cold stop you!

I’m going back to bed.


Today’s Food Diary.

Start Food End Notes:
0628 600 ml water 0656 On the way to work
0815 Coffee + 1T cream 0830 My normal cup
1155 “Soup” (32 oz water, 1 cube bouillon, hot sauce) 1213 An IF-friendly “lunch”
1214 20 oz water 1230
1258 Coffee + 1T cream 1315
1608 0.25 oz sunflower seeds 1725 On the drive home
1630 deli pickle slice, 0.5 oz aged cheddar, 3 olives 1643 While browsing at Central Market
1700 Trilogy kombucha On the drive home
1727 2 slices deli pickles Snack while making dinner
1735 39 g artisan cheddar, 1 oopsie CHEESE TOAST!!! =)
1800 Salad:
2.9 oz mixed greens
1.7 oz orange bell pepper
1.0 oz feta
65g homemade balsamic dressing
4 pickle slices
50 g hot chili olives
1840 My Big Ass Primal Salad . . . I was out of pine nuts.
1843 500 ml water
1917 4 pieces Mast Brothers Maine Sea Salt 72% chocolate Pretty good, but not worth the money.  Plus I cannot find ANY nutritional info on their products anywhere.
1935 157g Gucci steak + garlic + black pepper Medium rare, of course.  Anything more is both a sin and a crime.
2002 decaf coffee + 1 T heavy cream
2139 1/4c mixed nuts
2140 1 med Gala apple I think this is the first apple I’ve had in several months.

Nutritional analysis for the day:

Tuesday's Nutrition 120131

Tuesday's Nutrition 120131


Running Nutrition Total for the Week.

Day Calories Carbs Fiber Fat Protein
Mon 1517 24 (7) 96 121
Tues 1697 79 (26) 114 77
Avg  1607 51.5 (16.5) 105 99



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