Day 008-2 (Su, 120108) — More on Weighing In; Plan for Week 2-2

Weighing In.  I’ve discussed my battles with the scale and how I feel about weighing-in several times now.*

Because of my focus on the numbers,** I sometimes found myself feeling down when they came out “wrong.”  That, paired with the fact that I wanted to shift my attention from weight loss to building muscle and changing the shape of my body led me to stop weighing-in in early October.

I managed to last the full 12 weeks before recording my final results for the year on December 31.  Now to examine the experience and draw some conclusions from it…..

The Good. 

  • I was able to focus on what I looked like in the mirror rather than on numbers on a machine.
  • I worked out harder, with better concentration, than I had previously.
  • I did not feel the weekly ups and downs associate with a good (or bad) weigh-in.

The Bad.

  • I felt somewhat lost without the feedback.
  • OK, fine, I admit it: I felt really lost without the feedback.
  • I believe I let myself go more than I would have if I’d had that weekly reminder of my progress.

The Results.  In my opinion, after careful consideration, by removing the last trace of (ostensibly) objective feedback from my program, I removed a large portion of the kick-me-in-the-butt-when-I-need-it aspect of following any program.

Without knowing the practical effects of what I was doing, good or bad, I more easily rationalized straying further from the principles on which the program was based: adding Cheat Days/Meals, snacking more than necessary, not counting small servings of disallowed foods against my adherence to the rules, etc.

If I’d seen the stark reality of my weight and fat gain in medias res over those three months, it might have been enough to shock me back into doing what I was supposed to be doing, rather than explaining it away as “part of the holidays” or “not such a big deal.”

The Upshot.  Do I need to modify what I’ve been doing (ignoring the scale completely)?  Yes; I think so.

Starting this month, I will weigh-in every two weeks.

I think this will be a good compromise between forgoing all objective standards and getting bogged down in the numbers.  I can still emphasize exercise without abandoning the quest to lose fat and holding myself accountable for progress or lack thereof.

Plus, since this is an ostensibly new program, it will be helpful to evaluate the early results.

What do you think?  Can it work?  Have you had similar experiences?/


Review of Week 01-2.  Over the past seven days, things have gone pretty much as I expected.  It wasn’t a huge switch from my regimen on 4HB SCD so I was able to get into it fairly easy.

What remains to be seen is how long it will take me to lose all my cravings for carbs.  So far, I’ve encountered only mild temptations and they have been relatively easy to fend off.

I do need to get some Primal snacks (e.g. macadamia nuts) to ease this transition.  Then again, I need to reorient my head so that snacking is not a large part of my thinking.  If I am hungry, I should eat something substantial rather than peck at smaller items.


Plan for Week 02-2.  Now we’re into the first full week of full-on, no holds barred Primal living.  Given that, I will probably adjust my fasting schedule and shift to just 3 or 4 IF days/week rather than the 5 I’ve done up until now.

Even so, if I do eat, my lunches will be Primal.  If I can’t eat the right stuff (I forget to bring my lunch or we end up at a restaurant where I can’t find anything to order), it should be easy enough to just fast that day.

Also, as you can see below, every day will be a planned Primal day so I will be dropping that column from my weekly table as of next week.

If I do have a Free Meal (something I don’t expect to do more than, say, once per month or two), I’ll make a note of it in the review section the following week.

Day Fast? Primal? Exer?
Sunday No Yes No
Monday Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No Yes No
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note


*See also:
Day 95 (T, 110405) — Breaking Free of the Scale
— Day 255 (M, 110912) —Rage Against the Machine

— Day 289 (Su, 111016) — A World Without Scales?

— Day 309 (Sa, 111105) — In the Scale of F

— Day 311 (M, 111107) — A Decision
** Weekly weigh-in helped avoid the daily emotional roller-coaster but still were troublesome. =/

3 responses to “Day 008-2 (Su, 120108) — More on Weighing In; Plan for Week 2-2

  1. You may have already mentioned this in an earlier post, but have you thought about measuring yourself and/or using calipers instead of (or in addition to) weighing yourself?

    • I gave up on measurements a long time ago, Amy. I had such a hard time getting them to be consistent, even with Mrs. NJ’s help, that it just wasn’t worth the effort.

      A half-inch up or down could mean a half-inch +/- on the measurement and I could not find a way to feel reasonably sure that I was being consistent from one week to the next.

  2. Oh man, you said it. I got back on the scale today for the first time since September 3. It was not good. I only have myself to blame. That said, I’m back on the program as of this morning. Met my personal trainer this morning at 6 a.m. and have been low carb all day so far, LOL.
    I was ready for today to get here. I’m ready to rebuild and re-sculpt. I will be weighing in weekly now.

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