Day 005-2 (R, 120105) — An Accomplishment

Breaking a Habit.  One of the things I said I was going to do this year was to not put something up every day.  I joked about it on Tuesday but yesterday was the first time I allowed a day to pass without a post.

It was really hard to do.

Consequences.  As you might have noticed, the world ended: planes fell from the sky; tsunamis covered the shores; volcanoes erupted; zombies rose from their graves to devour the living.

On the downside, I had a thousand great ideas for blog posts yesterday.  Each would have been a jewel of wit and fascinating storytelling combined with wisdom unlike anything found on the Internet today.  They were, every single one of them, perfect post ideas.

Despite this, I persevered and deliberately broke my string of consecutive posts at 368.

The hard part over, I know it will get easier with time.  Now that I know you’ll still be here, and that not everyone will add the NJ4NY IP address to their block files, I can relax.

One day at a time . . . . . . . . . . .


Other Notes.  This morning I ate breakfast (3 eggs over medium, three bacon, two sausage) for the first time in a couple of months.

Two more things happened yesterday which were cool: I was able to comfortably button the collar on a 16-16 1/2 shirt for the first time in a long time; and my ring fell off in the shower.  It is normally lose when my hands are soapy but it hasn’t fallen off before.

Maybe there’s something to this Primal thing. =)


Exercise.  Though I said I would not make a post for each workout, I want to record yesterday’s results because it was my first totally Primal Workout:

Set 1 Exercise Set 2 Notes
30 Decline Push-up 50 I started on decline because I knew I could already do 2 sets of 50 standard push-ups.
Uneven Push-up Goal: 15×2
8 Pull Up / Chin Up 7 unassisted!
same Goal: 12×2
50 Side Squats 50 I started on side-to-side squats because I knew I could already do 2 sets of 50 standard squats.
Bulgarian squats Goal: 25×2
30 Jackknife Press 30 Next: Dive Bombers Goal: 15×2
60s Forearm Plank 60s Next: same Goal: 90s
30s Forearm Side Plank 30s Next: same Goal: 90s

Leave a comment if you want . . .

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