Day 002-2 (M, 120102) — How NJ4NY Will Change This Year

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. – Emerson

Plus Ça Change. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past six weeks examining what I’ve accomplished over the past year and how my lifestyle will change in the days to come.

One thing I haven’t done is explain how New John for a New Year will change.

1. I  will not post every day.

This is going to take some getting used to.  While many of you may be glad to receive less spam from me in your inbox, making these daily posts has become a comforting habit for me over the past 367 days.

  • It has forced me to consciously integrate my diet and exercise into my daily life.
  • It has made me deliberately examine what I am doing and why.
  • It has provided me with lots of supportive and helpful advice from you.
  • It has been a rock against which I could lean when things got tough.
  • It has served as a tool for recording my pitfalls and successes as time went by.

That said, I feel like I can pursue my new lifestyle without the associated stress of posting something every single day without fail.  I will still post at least once or twice a week, sometimes more, as I feel the need.

2. Fewer Posts = Better Content?  I will work hard to make sure my content is better than it has been.

While I have made some good posts this year, I feel bad that there were many times when I wimped out and just sorta posted whatever came to mind (or what was handy) to fill the void that was that day’s post.

Since I won’t be “forced” to make any “hey I don’t feel like posting anything today” posts anymore, I should have enough time to ensure that what I do post is worth reading.

3.  MWF exercise tables are out.  I plan to continue my MWF workouts, but, unless I change something about them, or I fail to do them, I don’t see the point in recording every exercise, every time.

I may experiment with moving down to 2 workouts per week, per Mark’s Primal Exercise recommendations.   I know I’ll experiment with alternative exercises.  I’ll make note of these sorts of changes when they occur.

4. Weekly Plan/Review posts remain.  I will continue to post my Weekly Plans, probably on Sundays, chronicling thing of interest in the coming week and recording what I expect to happen.  Into these, I’ll incorporate the weekly retrospective I’ve formerly done on Saturdays.

5. Miscellaneous. 

  • Setlist posts will still show up on occasion, but they will not necessarily be a weekly event.
  • I will post more recipes.  These will include: Low Carb recipes from my days doing the Atkins diet; 4HB Slow Carb recipes I created last year; Primal-inspired recipes I discover as I work my way into this new lifestyle; and a few utterly bad-for-you bits best left for days when you consciously plan to jump off the wagon.
  • I will use more pictures.
  • The main theme of the blog will no longer be 4 Hour Body but will be health and fitness in general.  The focus for this year will be Primal living, of course, but I’ll bring in other things I find interesting or important as they come up, regardless of their connection to the Primal lifestyle.



2 responses to “Day 002-2 (M, 120102) — How NJ4NY Will Change This Year

  1. Looking forward to a new year and a new start. I’ll be starting the Primal lifestyle as well. I’m also joining an Olympic gym and will be lifting weights 3 days a week.
    Best wishes on your new start.


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