Day 001-2 (Su, 120101) — Flanmas!

WTH is Flanmas?  I’m glad you asked.

Origins and History.  Flanmas is an ancient and hallowed tradition, dating back more than 10,000 years (+/- 9,997 years*) in which good friends come together to enjoy a bit of silliness and fun.

In 2008, it was an impromptu get together which included more than $50 worth of Taco Bell “food” (and one superior homemade flan), gathered ’round the ceremonial fake fireplace of our small apartment near the hallowed grounds of White Rock Lake in Dallas.

2009 was a celebration of the ancient and mystical, totally sophistical Rite of Chinese Take Out (and Flan) in the House of New John.

The 2010 edition was cancelled in honor of St. Flancis, patron saint of everyone’s-busy-this-year-so-it-might-be-best-just-to-skip-it.

Current Festivities.  Flanmas 2011, in accordance with tradition, is actually Flanmas 2012.  Looking at the calendar and precedent, it falls on this most wonderful of days, January 1, 2012.**

It is traditional to start in the afternoon, so anyone who wants to par-tay the night before has ample opportunity to sleep it off prior to making merry.

This year’s theme is . . . [drumroll please] . . . Homemade Tamales!***

Observance.  Today, we will hang out, drink adult beverages, play games, talk smack, predict sports results, make movie references, update Facebook, send texts, discuss zombies, solve the mysteries of life, and all the other things people in groups do nowadays to unwind while enjoying each other’s company.

It’ll be a nice breather from all the stresses brought on by everything else which has come up in the previous two months.

NJ4NY According to WP.  WordPress sent me a Flash animation summarizing my 2011, according to their stats.

I don’t trust all the number, however.  For example, they say I made 344 posts this past year.  Nope.  I hit every day, 365.

They also said my busiest day of the year was Feb. 28 with 217 views.  Nope. December 27 was my busiest day with 448 views.

If they can get numbers as basic as those wrong, what else might be screwy?


Plan for Week 01-2.  The first week of Primal living will be standard except for I will take one final Free Day, today, to celebrate Flanmas with my friends.

Day Fast? Primal? Exer?
Sunday No No No
Monday Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No Yes No
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note


*Meaning it could (theoretically) be almost 20,000 years old!
** According to the Book of Flanmas, the Summa Flanalogica of St. Flanmas of Aquinas, and in keeping with the traditions set by St. Flaugustine of Hippo during his reign as Partyarch, Flanmas is traditionally celebrated “the second Sunday before the first full moon after everyone has had at least two straight nights of sleep in their own bed after returning from Christmas travels.”  That full moon falls on Monday, January 9, 2012 this time around, so Flanmas will be held today, January 1.
*** My friends and family and I did a test run for Flanmas (the lesser-known-and-celebrated Flangiving, the weekend after Thanksgiving) and ended up with around 100 handmade tamales in four flavors (including a wonderful dessert tamale).  They rocked.  A lot.

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