Day 357 (F, 111223) — Friday Setlist

More for Christmas.  New John Radio continues in the same theme as last week and presents some fun holiday scenes.

Jingle Bombs by Jeff Dunham.  An instant classic from a few years ago.

Dashing through the sand
with a bomb strapped to my back.
I have a nasty plan
for Christmas in Iraq….

Freaky, the Scary Snowman.  Call me behind-the-times, but I’d never seen this series of videos before I found them to put in this setlist.  Hilarious!  Watch them all.

Here’s a playlist of their first season.  Funny stuff!

Mr Bean Nativity Scene.  Who knew the first Christmas was like this? =D

South Park, The Spirit of Christmas.  I first saw this on a (seemingly) 300th-generation videotape copy in 1995.  We laughed our collective butts off for hours over this.

Warning: NSFW . . . extremely sacrilegious . . . highly offensive.  No, I’m not kidding.  Seriously.
You’ve been warned.  If you watch it anyway and are offended, it ain’t my fault.

See also:

And yes, they are all wrong and bad.  Don’t go watch them.


Exercise.  A good week so far.  Let’s keep it up and finish strong!

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Myotatic Crunches 2 25
2 Cat Vomit Exercises 2 20
3 Push-ups 2 50
4 Pull-ups 2 10 assisted
5 Squats 2 50
6 Dips 2 20 assisted

Review. pending


Plan for Week 51.

Day Fast? SCD? Run/Exer?
Sunday Yes No Yes No No
Monday Yes No Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes No* Yes No
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday TBD TBD TBD
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note


* I actively decided to break my fast with a Mooyah Three Story iceburger on lettuce with American cheese, tomatoes, pickles, avocado, bacon, sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, mustard, mayo, buffalo sauce, and Cholula.  The cheese was not strictly SCD but overall it was close enough. De-lish-us! =)

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