Day 331 (Su, 111127) — Plan for Week 47

Plan for Week 47.  After the debacle that was last week, it’s time to get back to basics and Fast, eat SCd, and exercise when I am supposed to.

I may end up changing the YES for exercise on Saturday to a NO because of the weather.  Running at 5 AM when it’s too cold out is a non-starter for me. (From December through March last year, I ran a total of 18 times.)  I maybe could run in the afternoon but the kids are awake then and it’s tougher to get away.

We’ll see how it goes.

If I don’t run (and, of course, cycling would be out as well), anybody have a suggestion about what I could do instead?  Maybe I’ll get one of those magnetic trainers my friend suggested this summer when I hurt my ankle.

Day Fast? SCD? Run/Exer?
Sunday No No No
Monday Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No No Yes
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note



3 responses to “Day 331 (Su, 111127) — Plan for Week 47

  1. Hey John,

    A suggestion could be to do circuit training. Basically, you take a workout consiting of 4 exercises (pull-ups, push-ups, squats, curls) and do 6 of each in succession, then go immediately back to the first work-out and do 5 of each… so on until you do 1 of each. Aim to complete them all in 15 minutes. Doing them at this pace will add some cardio to your work-outs. I am currently working on some workout programs around this idea so if you are interested keep an eye out on my blog


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