Day 318 (M, 111114) — Avoiding Knee Pain

A Pain In The.  Knees.  As in “the past two weeks my knees have hurt when I went running.”  Yikes!

I’ve heard tons of horror stories about running and knee damage/pain.  My father, for example, was an avid runner until knee pain forced him to quit.

When I asked him about it (he’s an MD) and explained my running routine (run once per week for 5-8 miles) he was worried that the infrequency of running was causing my trouble.  He suggested I find a way to do a mile or three on another couple of days each week to help ease the strain of a nothing-nothing-nothing-several-miles routine.

I thought about his advice but something didn’t seem right about it.  I’ve been running once per week ever since the twins were born (almost 4 months ago now) and it’s only been the last two weeks that my knees have given me any trouble.

I reasoned that if running so infrequently was going to make my knees hurt, it would have done so well before now.  Also, if my form were the problem, that should have come up in the past 100 miles or so since I haven’t changed how I run in the past few weeks.

So what have I changed recently? I switched from squats to kettlebell swings in my workouts.

Adapting.  As far as I can tell, from rereading Tim’s description of KB swings and from watching videos online demonstrating proper KB swing form (including Tim’s own videos), I am doing them correctly.

(While I would like to video myself doing some swings so I could gather feedback, I don’t feel like re-aggravating my knees for that sole purpose.  I’m going to assume my diagnosis is correct and drop the kettlebell swings from my routine until and if I can find a way to do them safely.)

Meanwhile, as I search for an alternative other than squats and squat variations, I’ll go and read the parts of 4HB which discuss injuries and how to correct them.  Considering my past hip problems, I should have done that before now but I never got around to it.

If anyone has any tips about kettlebell swings and knees, or just about preventing knee pain in general, I’d love to hear them.


Exercise.  No more Kettlebell swings for now . . . back to squats while I explore alternative bodyweight leg exercises.

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Myotatic Crunches 2 25
2 Cat Vomit Exercises 2 10 20
3 Push-ups 42


25 50


wide, second set with alternating kids on my back (36 & 42 lbs. respectively), third set with my eldest on my back (62 lbs)
4 Pull-ups 2 3 10 assisted wide-grip, chin-ups, pull-ups
5 Squats 2 50
6 MEFT — Dips 1 5 I was going to skip doing a MEFT because of the third pull-ups set but my daughter asked what “those handles” are for on the Power Tower so I showed her

Review.  Wide position push-ups are tough when I have two three kids climbing on and off my back!


Plan for Week 45.  Things are off to a much better start this week than last: I stayed 99% SCD yesterday, having only two nibbles of scone and a bite of orange roll.  They were very small and I was able to find protein snacks which redirected my urges to healthier outlets.  Yeah! =)

Day Fast? SCD? Run/Exer?
Sunday No Yes No
Monday Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No No Yes
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note


Mystery Exercise for Today

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