Day 305 (T, 111101) — Halloween; I Figured Out My Workout Plans . . . Mostly

"THIS is how the world ends . . ." — Great design.  Low-quality shirt.=/Halloween. . . was lots of fun for our family.  We carved jack-o-lanterns, dressed up as vampires, vampire witches, and pirates, trick-or-treated around the neighborhood, went to Grandmama’s house and trick-or-treated there, and ate candy.  Gobs and gobs of candy.  More candy than has ever been eaten in the history of the world.

Well, maybe not . . . but my son sure tried.  He’s 2.5 y.o. and hasn’t really figured out yet what Halloween means, but he did discover that last night candy existed on every flat surface and that people would give you some if you went up to them with a bag in your hand.   Naturally, he tried to eat it all.

I had to practically force him to eat applesauce, normally a favorite, as he realized that it was not a pure sugar injection like all the other stuff available just…over…there.

Personally, I broke SCD but not too much: about 10 pieces of candy and some Fritos and cheese with my chili.  I definitely fell off the wagon but I did not utterly succumb to the desire to indulge.


Exercise.  Yesterday went well.  I had some energy.  I did my exercises.  It all worked out.

  • I did my 200 crunches in four sets of 50 with about 15-20 seconds between sets*
  • I did my 100 push-ups on my coffee table today (inclined).  I did 50 with a normal hand position, 25 with a wide position, and 25 with an extra-wide position
  • I did 50 kettlebell swings in two sets of 25
  • And I did 4 pull-ups and 1 half-pull-up (really slowly both up and down)

For the sit-ups/crunches . . . I’ll count that as a successful completion of the 200 sit-up challenge and call it done.  I hate (regular) crunches so now I’ll move on to the myotatic crunches and cat vomit exercises Tim suggested in the book.

Progress?  I started the year following Tim’s basic advice about exercising (from the Perfect Posterior chapter).  As the year went on, I tried many other things including:

  • joining a gym and following Occam’s Protocol
  • doing nothing at all
  • running only
  • Max Capacity Training
  • inventing the UPs Program

Now I’ve come full circle and am going back to kettlebell swings and Tim’s ab exercises (with added UPs exercises).

I’ll do the following exercises with one or two surprise exercises added in each workout:

  1. Myotatic crunches
  2. Cat Vomit exercises
  3. Kettlebell swings
  4. Push-ups
  5. Pull-ups
  6. Mystery exercise(s)

This should only take about 20 minutes and give me a pretty good full body workout.

If I can just figure out how to structure my workouts, I’ll be golden.  I am thinking of working out a schedule and alternating the MCT timing protocols (50-10, Tabata, and Time Attack).  Done correctly, it should offer some decent cardio benefits as well.

Tomorrow, I’ll address one remaining issue with my workouts.  Can you guess what it is?


Plan for Week 43.**

Day Fast? SCD? Run/Exer?
Sunday No No No
Monday Yes Yes No*** Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No No Yes
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note


* I may have done 210.  I lost count in the second set and was not sure if I had just reached 20 or 30.  In an effort to keep things honest, I assumed the lower count and finished up to 50.  I’m such a stud. 😉
** Somewhen this week I’ll have an SCD lunch out with my friends.  That day will be a green change from YES to NO for Fasting.
** I ate some Halloween candy (about 10 pieces) and had some Fritos and cheese with my chili.

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