Day 301 (F, 111028) — Songs that Get Me Pumped, Part 5

Housekeeping.  My family is a little sick so I stayed home from work yesterday and today.  This is usually bad for my diet and yesterday was no exception.  I fasted only until about 11 AM and then had a Free Meal that evening.  Today’s not looking good, either.

On the bright side, maybe I’ll get sick. too, and lose a few pounds the hard way.  o_O


Music Helps.  Number five, the last (for now), in the series of the songs that get my blood pumping, moving on to a more hardcore theme today.

Nothing for You by T.S.O.L.  Gets me going like few other things do.

My body is achin’ inside out

And my nose is always cold

Am I still twenty-four

Or am I starting to grow old?

Am I growin’ old?

It was featured in the movie Return of the Living Dead (in the beginning on the radio) so it has the bonus feature of including ZOMBIES! 😉

You by Bad Religion.  Too much Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 years and years ago . . . .

There’s a place where everyone can be happy.

It’s the most beautiful place in the whole fucking world.

It’s made of candy canes and planes and bright red choo-choo trains,

And the meanest little boys and the most innocent little girls,

Awesome stuff. =)

No Cigar by Millencolin.  Another THPS2 riff.

We will shut you out.

We’ll put you in doubt.

If you think that you’re special.

We’ll tell you who you are.

Tell you that you’re close but no cigar.

Too funny.  More awesomesauce.

Guerrilla Radio by Rage Against the Machine.   THPS2 day continues here at Radio Free New John with this little ditty.

Lights out guerrilla radio

Turn that shit up . . .

When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000.  Last on the THPS2 hit list . . . I don’t know any other songs by this band but this one rocks.  Maybe I should look into them . . .

Are you ready to go

Cause I’m ready to go

What you gonna do baby, baby

Are you going with me

Cause I’m going with you

That’s the end of all time


Exercise.  Not today.  There’s too much going on to get to it.  I’ll feel bad about that later.


Plan for Week 43.

Day Fast? SCD? Run/Exer?
Sunday No No No
Monday Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes No Yes No No
Friday Yes No Yes No Yes No
Saturday No No Yes
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note



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