Day 263 (T, 110920) — Stronger, Faster, Better

Exercise is Fun.  Sounds like an after-school special, right?  I feel like I should be getting ready to watch a bit of Schoolhouse Rock. 😉

Still, the inline heading above is true: exercise IS fun and I’m enjoying my new UPs workout immensely.  I’m seeing results already and I have that wonderful feeling of being totally spent at the end of it (now that I’ve adjusted my approach).

As I expected, doing all four exercises together (including pull-ups) as supersets made doing the last set max reps really tough.  I wanted to hit 30 push-ups but I could only manage 28 before my arms gave out on me.

On pull-ups, my max hang time is definitely getting better: I am coming down much slower than just last week.  This could be because I am simply getting better at it, learning how to do it better.

The fact that I can already see changes in my upper body, my chest and shoulders, amazes me.  Plus, I feel stronger.

Documenting Results. I cannot wait to see how I look at the end of this program.  Even if my diet and fat-loss program remains ineffectual (as it has for the past two weeks), I hope to see some real changes in my appearance.

Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve taken (and posted) some pictures.

I’ll take some snapshots tonight so I can have (almost) before and after pictures of how things look on the UPs workout program.

Planning for the Future.  The UPs program will last through almost the end of October. The  push-up, sit-up, and squat regimens last 6 weeks.*  Since I started last Monday (9/13), I’ll be done the last week of October.  I’ll take another set of pictures on October 30 so I can have a visual record of my progress.

A couple of notes here:

  • My MCT experience allowed me to start the push-up and squat programs in medias res.  Assuming that I do them as written, I’ll be done in three weeks (the week of October 4).
  • Once I reach the end of these programs (100 consecutive push-ups, 200 consecutive squats), I’ll just repeat the “final test” each workout day until I “catch up” with my sit-ups and have finished all three programs.
  • The pull-up program is a long-term investment and will continue well past the end of this experiment.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what I want to do for exercise after I complete these programs.


Plan for Week 38.

Day Fast? SCD? Run/Exer?
Sunday No Yes No
Monday Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No
Friday Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No No Yes
Red = a negative deviation | Green = a positive deviation | Blue = a note


* Pull-ups, since I am starting from scratch, will take more than 20 weeks, assuming I do it exactly as planned.

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