Day 252 (F, 110909) — More Core

Workout Adjustment. I dread sit ups and other ab exercises.  I always have.  Hate is not too strong a word here.  And I’ve come to realize that it just might be possible that this is why my core sucks.  (Ya think?)

I am going to fix this.  I am facing my fear and I will do what I need to do: I’m adding the 200 sit ups workout to my workout plan.

If all goes according to plan, in 7 weeks (by the end of October) I’ll be able to do:

  • 50 consecutive pull ups
  • 100 consecutive push ups
  • 200 consecutive sit ups
  • 200 consecutive squats

Now THAT is something worth accomplishing. =)

Am I biting off more than I can chew?  Maybe.

Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,/Or what’s a heaven for?
— Robert Browning (Andrea Del Sarto)

Luckily, I’m neither crazy nor stupid: if it is too hard, I’ll make a change, adapting to reality and planning ways to recoup my losses later.  Still, it’s nice to have something to strive for.


Working for the Weekend. This weekend is a time for projects around the house.  Mrs. New John has a list (don’t they all?) and we’re gonna try and knock out several of them.

I’ll try to run tomorrow morning but, other than that, I’m not sure what activity I’ll engage in.  Maybe I can volunteer to do the outside tasks . . . .


MCT Redux.  I will do another MCT workout today but I am not sure which one.  I’ll let you know later…….

Again, life happened. No workout today. Darnit.


Plan for Week 36.

Day Fast? SCD? Run? Exer?
Sunday No No No No
Monday Yes Yes No Yes No
Tuesday Yes Yes No No Yes
Wednesday Yes Yes No Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday Yes Yes No Yes No
Saturday No No Yes No
Red =  a negative deviation | Green =  a positive deviation | Blue =  a note about an issue



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